Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How I'm feeling..... Cleo Style

So.... I am super nice. I help peeps all the time. I do good deeds. A lot. Ask Chopsie, he will tell you that I am indeed a gem. I would add the word "precious" to gem, but that's just me.

I am tired of stupid, mean people who have nothing of value in their lives. People like that work really hard to make nice people like me want to CUT them. A lot of times.

Luckily, as you will find in the previous post by my BFF Gingie, I am fairly awesome.

So the fact that this song describes how I'm feeling should explain how mean people are and how sick of dealing with them I truly am.

This song was introduced to me by some sweet and dear friends here-to-for known as Evil and SusieQ. They hate people with me. I heart their guts.

I HATE EVERYONE ('cept y'all...)

Oh and BTW---- Tyrants are mean. Just so ya know....

"I Hate Everyone" - Get Set Go


Chops McGee said...

You know what I had on Sunday? A headache. A HUGE headache. One that wouldn't go away. It was so bad that I had to stand sweet Cleo up for our dinner date. So you know what she did? She made me and my whole family dinner and brought it over.

Best. Spaghetti. Ever.

So yeah, shes a Gem.

Either that or her kids hated her spaghetti and she wanted to get rid of it.

Ginger Snaps said...

Nice. Stop hating people. It's messing up your aura. And it causes wrinkles. :)

Umm...Chops...I thought you said I was a gem. You even said priceless. I just don't know where I fit in anymore.

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