Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dan Black- Symphonies

This is the newest single from Dan Black. It's due to be released on June 29 with the album ((un)) to be released on July 6.

me likey

Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Whatcha think??? I'm diggin' it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Is there a chance? A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel.....

"I'm ill with the thought of your kiss, coffee laced, intoxicating, on her lips. Shut it out. I've got no claim on you now."

Some songs just speak for themselves.

Audio starts about 13 seconds patient. It's worth it.

In honor of Chops- Please forgive my absence. I'm gonna make it up to you though...presenting The Killers in their latest video "The World We Live In"

You know... you didn't have to be so mean to me, Chops.

I didn't happen to see a "Many Music Monday" this week. And yes, I know that MANLY is misspelled- I was paying homage to thee.

I happen to be quite a busy chickadee. I did take time out of my very busy schedule to post something that I know you'll love.

There is only one word that immediately comes to mind...... DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!

My boys did it again.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is how I'm feeling today....

By now you know how this works...I'm a creature of emotion. I can't help it, it's who I am. I am ruled by my heart and hopefully my brain catches up before I do something terribly stupid. Unfortunately, that doesn't always work out in my favor.

Anyway...I found this song and it struck a chord with me. Don't know why. It's a little cheesy and the guys voice isn't my favorite, but it's heartfelt and sad. And that's how I'm feeling today.

Dudes name is Bryce Avary and he hails from the Lone Star state. Some of my most favorite people in the world live there. And of course, Blue Bell Ice Cream. He is currently signed with Island Def Jam. I have to throw that in because, surprisingly, so are The Killers and Cleo won't read my post if there isn't some Killers correlation.

Thursday's Throwback- Concrete Blonde and Siouxsie Sioux--Chix who kick @$s

Monday, May 18, 2009

Manly Music Monday

I think I've told you I have a love/hate relationship with Pandora. I'm pretty addicted to it, and I have put some serious time into creating the perfect station. The problem is that it thinks its smarter than me. It'll tell me I should like a band by suggesting a song and I will politely disagree by telling it I dislike its selection. It will give it a break for a few days but eventually it'll sneak another song by the same artist in when it thinks I'm not looking. So I'll tell it again that I am not fond of whatever its trying to foist upon me. But its relentless. Sometimes I'll try and call a truce by just skipping past a song, but that seems to encourage it. But what really pisses me off is when its right. These three songs are the most glaring examples. Wilco, The Flaming Lips and The Shins. Three bands I should like. Pandora says so. My friends say so. Heck, even Itunes Genius has made it known. But I don't. I don't particularly DISLIKE them per se.. I'm just not a fan. Except for these songs. They have drilled their way into my head and are nesting comfortably. I dont know if its Pandora insitence that finally paid off or something else, but here we are. So take a listen and tell me if I'm being beligerent by refusing to fall in line or if these songs represent something unique about the artist that I missed before.

The videos are kinda dumb but it was either this or just streaming audio.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Because I like it....That's why!!!!!

One of the many ways I like to annoy my family is by finding a song that I like and playing it over and over again until they can't stand to hear it anymore. I don't know why that makes me happy, it just does.

I'm in love with this song right now. So, I thought I'd put it out there for you folks to listen to over and over again until you can't stand it anymore either.

Vids lame, so just listen.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I love Music...Autobiographical

I have been thinking about doing a post like this for a while, but wasn't really sure where to start. So how about the beginning. I actually come from a very musical family. My father played the piano, guitar and violin. My mother, 2 uncles and grandfather are all fantastic singers. Actually, you get a few beers into my Bumpa and you won't be able to tell him apart from Johnny Cash. He's damn good.'s in the get that. But besides actual musical ability, they are all music lovers. I remember all the greats The Stones, The Beatles, Queen, Styx..etc..etc...being played in abundance in our home. Mom occasionally got a wild hair and we'd get Babs or The Carpenters. But mostly, we were a rock family. And that is how I got introduced to Pat.

I remember standing in my living room one day while my mom listened to Crimes of Passion and being stunned. Motionless. I just stood there listening. I knew then... I wanted to be a singer. Her voice was so clear and powerful. And her range was phenomenal. I was 8 and I recognized it as something transcendent. Then I heard this song and I went into rehearsal mode. I practiced everyday in my hairbrush microphone until I could hit that high G flawlessly. I still can, in case you were wondering.

I knew I would never be a rock star. In our day of no American Idol, that just didn't happen to normal people. So, when my mom told me that Pat Benatar was a trained opera singer. I thought, well that I can do. Luckily, I had great parents who were willing to let me pursue this. And over time, I and some really great teachers and coaches, realized that I was pretty damn good. I took every opportunity presented to me no matter how meager. The point was never to get rich or be famous. It was just to sing. People ask me all the time, Aren't you nervous when you get up there? Only until the music starts.

Unfortunately, as they usually are, that dream was replaced by another in the form of an 8lbs 5 oz blue eyed baby boy. But, nothing gives me greater joy than to hear "mom, just one more song." I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

So in conclusion, thank you family, for the genetic disposition and encouragement. And thank you Pat, for the inspiration.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is how I'm feeling today....

I'm having some issues people, and since I am among friends I feel I can share. I've tried and tried. Mr. Snaps has tried and tried. Nothing is working. NOTHING I SAY!!!!! I am ready to seek medical attention.

Seriously, has it come to this. It's just so depressing. I think I broke myself.

And thank the good Lord above that I did not repeat my previous typo in this post. I would never ever live it down

Cuz I can...

I have no idea what came over me, but this song has been stuck in my head.

I think I'm in dire need of mental assistance. Now.

The first part of the video made me think of Gingie.... don't nobody like a yo momma joke like Gingie.... Nobody.


Where's Manly Music Monday. And don't say it's coming. It's Wednesday. You are a ginormous slacker and now I'm going to do Manly Music Wednesday.

Manliest Music EVER

I apologize for my tardiness. Last week Cdahle called me out for my lack of Manliness in my music and I vowed to make this weeks post the Manliest one ever. Problem is, my music tastes veer sharply to the soft side of the road. Also, I don't have a lot of innate anger or even frustration. But I have plumbed the depths of my musical history and have come up with something I hope Cdhale can be proud of. I know I am.

A little background to begin with. My sophomore year in High School I started dating a girl that I was totally crazy about. She was a little nuts but it's well established how I feel about that and she was smoking hot and a hoot to be around to boot. We dated steadily for most of the year and I was a happy camper. Summer came and she started acting aloof. After a few weeks of that she said she wanted to break up to see other people. I was hurt. But not nearly as hurt as when she decided her first new beau after me would be my brother. Even that wasn't as bad as the first time they came over and started making out in front of me. So I decided to get out of Dodge.

I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle and their 5 kids who lived in a TINY town called David City Nebraska, population 2,485. Yes, that's correct. Keep in mind my previous High School had a student body population of around 3,000. My new school was a K - 12 with about 200 students. The graduating class was a whopping 12. Needless to say they were a close knit group. One day a young man showed up with a herpes outbreak on his face and within a week the entire senior and most of the junior class were enjoying the fruits of their shared encounters. Needless to say, I had very few common interests with my new classmates. And after I turned down their first invitation to "Naked Twister Night" I was shunned completely. And to tell the truth I was actually pretty happy. For the first time in my life I was alone and forced to figure out who I was and what I wanted. Freed from the normal societal constraints I realized I really liked doing things I couldn't do back home for fear of ridicule. Like making beads from old magazine pages. And sewing my own clothes. And taking long walks picking wildflowers. See? Your snickering already. But since everyone in town mocked me to scorn no matter what I did, I just did what I wanted.

Anywho, there I was, a pariah and loving it. I had all kinds of time to do whatever I wanted and was lovin life. Then I had a sit down with a guidance counselor. She told me my 3 years of laziness where catching up to me and I would not graduate on time without going to summer school. That did not sit well. As much as I was enjoying my stay in NE I had NO intention of staying over the next summer. She did have an option for me though. Apparently, the Butler County School District counted almost all Extra Curricular activities as full academic credits. I was promptly enrolled in Drama club, Newspaper, Yearbook, Choir, Mock Trial, Debate, and a bunch of other more obscure ones as well.

My first role in Drama was of Pavel in "I never saw another butterfly". A overly dramatic and pretty depressing story of Jews in Nazi Germany. Anywho, Pavel was an angry young man who wanted to resist the Nazis and was constantly fighting with his Father. My big scene required me to be slapped by Father across the face for yelling at him. We tried a "stage slap" a couple times but it felt to fake to me so I insisted he hit me for reals. It took him a couple times to get into the swing of things but he eventually got the hang of it and started taking some pretty good pops at me. The hardest part for me was getting worked up. I just couldn't get angry enough to make the scene realistic. My teacher told me to think of things that made me mad and that sometimes music helped. So I went out and bought a copy of "Nevermind". And that was exactly what the doctor ordered. Before each performance I would strap on my headphones, pop Nevermind in my Sony and crank it to 11. By the time I got to "Drain you" I was pretty worked up. And after the 12 or so performance I started to really enjoy my time with Curt and the guys. I had a hard time empathizing with him but I certainly appreciated what he had done. To this day, I may not prefer to listen to that type of music, but I recognize the passion and talent it took to make it. Also, I freakin rocked as Pavel. When my Mom came to see the play she left crying, saying it was "too intense". Thanks Curt, you made me angry.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gingers pick of the week......M83

Yeah....I'm a shoegazer; I'm not ashamed. And you shouldn't be either. This is dang good stuff right here. M83 has blown through a few members over the last few years leaving Anthony Gonzalez as the only staple. Morgan Kibby who does all the female vocals, and keys and arrangements on Saturdays= Youth, doesn't even get mentioned in the bands bio. Very sad to me because she's awesome. And she got to sing with Brandon Flowers so I'm a little envious.

Graveyard Girl

I know it isn't the effect they are hoping for, but their music actually makes me happy. Whenever I hear Kim and Jessie I want to bust out the old 80's movies I love so much, and have a sleepover with my friends. Maybe walk to the sev and get a Yoo Hoo. But most definitely, head down to the roller rink. "Okay, Let's go ahead and pair up. It's time for couples skate. Couples only." Then they blare Unchained Melody over the really crappy sound system. Ahhhh...good times...good times.

Also...I need to give a shout out to my Austin girls cuz I love them and I always think of them when I hear M83 now. And WhatABurger.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Mother...

And I quote...."4 beef ribs, half a chicken, a brisket sandwich, 2 sides of mac and cheese, a bag of M and M's, and 2 slices of pizza." -Chops McGee

If this keeps up then this will be the final result.

Also, I just had to post this video because of the creators sweet intro.

(Note to viewers...Chops weighs about 165 lbs.)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cdahle's forgotten picks....

These are some great tunes... a wee bit melancholy yes, but great nonetheless.

Sing me to sleep Sing me to sleep I don't want to wake up on my own anymore...

Incidentally... "Wish" came out right about the time I got dumped by a boy I really "loved" (well, the one and only time I got dumped- I made sure of that...) His name was Austin Lee. He was an ass. Prolly still is. He was my dream guy- blonde, blue eyed, totally muscular, and best of all- a smart jock. He was quite a kisser too....
but I digress....
He basically only dated me because he thought I was pretty (he had exscuisite taste for an ass). He liked having the arm piece to show off to his friends. It was later confirmed to me by a mutual friend that had I gotten in a car accident and
"messed up" my face, Austin would have dumped me right then and there.
I told you he was an ass.
So- Mr. Lee ripped my sweet little 16 year old heart out of my exceedingly perky chest and proceeded to stomp on it with his Doc Martens. It hurt. Bad. Lucky for me, my favorite guyliner wearing Brit sang this incredibly haunting song that was obviously written for me. I fell deeper in love with Robert Smith right then and there. I still have never gotten over his red lipstick and his black tresses.
He can kiss me kiss me kiss me any time he pleases.
This song ripped my heart apart further, but it was a neccessary step in order to usher in the healing process.

She waits for him to say "I love you" but he tells no more lies...

So for once in my life, Let me get what I want. Lord knows, it would be the first time. Lord knows, it would be the first time

it always makes me think of you....

Yesterday Amberd listed some of the songs that made her think of her lovely friends here on our lovely blog. I've been thinking about that a lot and have decided to post the songs that remind me of my peeps. The only one I'm pulling out of the air is Craigs, and that's not because I love him any less, just because I don't know him as well. But the song does remind me of him for some unknown reason that I can't explain.

For Cleo

For Amberd

For Chops

For Craig and I don't know why

I just figured it out....The reason why 3 11 makes me think of Craig is because I used to rock out to these guys with Ryan Winn and Michael Wright. He gets lumped into the Arkansas category by association.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craig's Picks: Morose Version

In 1986 I slept over a friend's house. His older sister was a senior in high school and a part-time model. A brunette with long flowing hair, even longer legs, and I was sure, an absolutely perfect face. She was a goddess with an obscene amount of eyeliner, and even though I was a prepubescent, I was enthralled. Normally Michelle would not even acknowledge my existence, but that night, for some reason, she decided to educate us about music. We (my friend and I -- Michelle went out on a date) watched her VHS copy of "The Cure's Staring at the Sea: The Images," a compilation of all of the Cure's videos up to that point. I was hooked. If girls like that listened to such music, then why didn't I? That night, I became a "Waver" and have not looked back since.

One year later I was in the local library and picked up a copy of New Order's Substance. (Yes, when young and poor, you get your music from the library.) Now I am no dance music person. At best I tolerate music with beats, but there was something about this album that has held me enthralled for 22 years. The first track, Ceremony, has always stuck with me. Authored by Ian Curtis of Joy Division, the track was among the first New Order ever recorded, and you can tell Bernard is struggling to find his own vocal style. I used to repeat the chorus over and over during the dark days of Junior High: Oh I'll break them down. No mercy shown. Heaven knows it's got to be this time.

A number of my friends were really into the Smiths during my Junior High days, but I just didn't get it. To long, slow, and grandiose for my taste. High School changed that. After being publicly humiliated and dumped by my "one true love," Kimberly Sauer, the Smiths could better express my pain than I could. Odd how sad music could bring solace, but it did.

After a few years away (a mission will do that to you), grad school issued in my second full force plunge into the punk scene. And one song more than any other is responsible: AFI's God Called in Sick Today. Granted the lyrics are nigh unto nonsensical, but the mood and atmosphere of the music pulled me in. While the Smiths healed my broken heart, AFI made me punk all over again.

Have a little patience with the video. It's a bit cheesy but the music is worth it. (My favorite is when the author spells out "Whoa." Very Dramatic.)

And that's just the down payment. More picks to come.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

When Mr. Snaps and I were kicking it in NYC our sweet little Pontiac rental car had satellite radio in it, and I got to enjoy some actual good music instead of the over processed fabricated crap they play on the actual radio. Now, Mr. Snaps is spoiled and has satellite radio in his super manly baby blue Dodge Intrepid, that he drives with pride I might add, but I do not. So, I get a little excited when I hear something new and fresh. Then I get angry when he says "you haven't heard of these guys. They've been playing them in the UK for 6 months." And I say, "Well, I'm not spoiled and get to drive around with satellite radio in my super manly baby blue Dodge Intrepid." So there!!

I don't know how it happened but I sort of got off the subject. So back to the music. I fell in love with this group in NYC. So they will forever remind me of my romantic rendez-vous with Danny Bonaduce.

I knew you wouldn't believe me if I didn't post the picture.

Anyway...I give you The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Now, there isn't a whole lot of info available on these guys just yet, so take my word for it, they ROCK!!!

amberds Picks.....Don't crap your pants.

Ah yeah baby. Ain't nothing like a little Air Supply in your life to make you happy. I remember being 15 years old and I would keep my radio on at night just so I could hear this song in my sleep. I would wake up when it came on and long for the day I could fall in love. (Yes, 15 year old girls are helpless romantics.) You get this weird feeling when you listen to this song in the dark, in the middle of the night. It hits you right in your gut. Yah, I can't really explain it either, but try it sometime.

Here's another one that always gets me in my gut. I can't really explain why, but it makes me love. This song is just dang good stuff. I will always and forever heart this song....(ya, I'm a bit wacky.) -Crap, I could only find a live version. LAME. But good enough.

Last one (And yes....I am a big fat cheater like Cleo.)

This song is just darn special. I call it my Tommy song. My best bud from high school, Tom Schofield, LOVED music -in fact, side note...he got me back into music obsessively two years ago when I found him through a google search. Cdahle will never forgive him of that. (That guy has probably sent me over 600 mp3's via Gmail over the last two years.) But Tom always had a new song right? So he brings over Nikki French's Total Eclipse of the Heart and I flip out! I loved it! We would play it everywhere we went in the car, turned up REALLY loud. So now...whenever I hear this song....I say, "aaah, my Tommy song is on." Also...anything by Anything Box reminds me of Tom too.

Do you know what reminds me of cdahle? Counting Crows. And Better than Ezra reminds me of Ginger. Of course The Killers remind me of Cleo (shocking I know) and Fischerspooner reminds me of Chops. That's cuz I gots lots of loves for my fellow g-wiggety blogger folks.

Peace Out.

I'm moving Thursday throwback to Tuesday

And I'm throwing it waaaayyyy back.

For Ambo..

Monday, May 4, 2009

Manly Music Monday

I am a hard man. Gruff, brusque, boorish, dour, all synonyms for Chops McGee. However, I have a soft spot the size of the Taiga Forest for adorable. I am powerless before it. I think thetas why God made my progeny so friggin cute. So's I wouldn't kill them. I'm not sayin that's the only reason they're still alive but its pretty helpful. So the other day whilst perusing the interwebs I stumbled upon this young lady. 

Now that song by itself is pretty cute. Not baby seal cute mind you but definitely newborn kitten. Which is pretty cute. And I sorta liked the song.. sorta. It was catchy and all but.. I dont know. Nothin special. But further googling led to this.

You have to be patient with this video. And while your waiting for it to get interesting I'ma fill ya in. She playing a Tenorion. Which is like the mutant offspring of a tablet PC, a synthesizer and a Lite Brite. She composed and played all the music on the video on the thing. But that's the side story. The best part is how heartbreakingly adorable she is. Peeking out from behind her hair... Being all techno geeky... And the way she bites her lip around 2:34 into it. Sweet Russet Potatoes...... Sigh.. Oh yeah, I also have a thing for mouths. 

So Anywho.. at 16 she was a contestant on Britain's "Pop Idol" and lost in the third round but went on to moderate success with a Jazz group, a Big Band ensemble and then with a dance group called "Dead Disco". And here's what I respect the most about her. This is her response to critics who said she was too shallow and commercial.

"So what? Ive always said from the start that I wanted to make a pop record. I don’t care about being cool or edgy. I wanna reach people and I wanna make music that people have fun to and have a good time"

Gotta love her. Also, she's cute as hell, let's not forget that. Cause it's important. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu or just Landon Pigg?

I'm just re-falling in love with him today. I can't help it. He's got great hair.

Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop

Can't Let Go - Landon Pigg

It's hot today, and were going swimming.

I know Summer is still officially almost two months away still. But its hot here in H-Town. And while I was diggin up my two songs for Ginger I found these and I couldn't wait till Monday to post it. So you get these little gems. When this came out I would pull my best two speakers off the wall and lay on the ground with them next to my head. They make me feel like warm nights spent laying in friends back yards. Just looking at the stars, talking about nothing and seeing how close I could get to Mandy's hair without her getting weirded out....  good times, good times. 

After the kiddos go to bed one of my favorite things to do is just walk in the back yard and stand in the moonlight. The frogs in the bayou, the crickets in the grass and the wind in the pines make a beautiful symphony that never fails to make me smile. Unless Cleo's kids are yelling loud enough to hear them over our back fence. That'll tend to put a damper on the mood. But that only happens like twice a week. 

Anywho.. I hope you enoy. And if you get a bored "Skylarking" is in my opinion the best album XTC put out. It's big and dramatic and there isnt a bad track on it. Also, I promise on Monday I'll get off this nostalgic kick and bring ya somethin new. And it wont be the Jonas Brothers.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Metric...Gimme Sympathy

Let me know what you think of this little ditty! I think it's a good way to start out our May feed.

I already know that Cleo hates it because it has not been endorsed by Brandon Flowers.

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