Thursday, December 31, 2009

Manly Music (or) Songs Cleo Will Most Likely Hate

I'm done! I got through it! Whoo hooooooooo!!\

Every year the guys in my office rotate which Holiday we get to take off. One year half of us get Christmas off, the other half get Thanksgiving. That way no one is stuck at the office with an unreasonable burden. Except this year. THIS year, they decided..

"You know what, Chops is a pretty smart guy. I bet he could handle it if we all left him here by himself."

"I totally agree, I dont even think we need to bother asking him. I bet if we just all plan on taking the time off, he'll be fine as long as we tell him at the last minute."

"It's agreed then, Chops will handle everything while we all leave for Colorado!"

"Hey Chops! Your on your own this year! Dont call and ask for help, we'll be on the slopes!"

So I've been a little stressed out lately. But now I'm done. Everyone is coming back on Monday and the office is closed tomorrow. But it has been a harrowing week or two. During the week, after everyone had left for the day and I was alone in the office I started to break out my Blackberry and put on Pandora for the last couple of hours of data entry to help me relax. And she did not fail me. The following are a couple of my favorites that have popped up in the last couple of days that really helped keep me from plucking all my eyelashes out in frustration at the sheer volume of work I had to do.

So Cleo, hate all you want. When I needed it, these guys came through. I know, I know.... Its sleepy, and slow. But when all three lines on your phone are busy, you have hundreds of unanswered emails and you dont know what task to try and tackle next, it helps to have something to unwind to.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is How I'm Feeling

Well, I have 119 unanswered emails in my inbox and 6 "Urgent" voicemails but Imogen Heap, Ginger and Cleo just convinced me to unplug. I listened to "Hide and Seek" 5 times straight and I can finally breathe again. Thanks Ginger, I should have sat down and listened to that a LONG time ago. I really mean it, thanks. I have been a crappy friend and I'm sorry. I'll try and do better. And thanks for not lettin me slip away.

I dont have much time to find anything deep or new, my commutes have been filled with phone calls and texts instead of Pandora's sweet, sweet musical nectar.

So all I can do is say I'm sorry again. And give you something that I hope you dont already have.

Try and overlook Mick's fantastically British dental work and enjoy.

Now turn it up... WAY up....

And once more, I'm sorry, and thanks for being better friends to me than I have been to you.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lost...One Creepy Irish Bartender

If anyone has seen this man, please return him immediately to Songs For the Semi Sane so that he can once again grace us with his wit and humor.

I miss you Chops.

Love, Ginger

Joseph, Better You Than Me- THe KilLeRs

I love this one. I know I say that about all of them, but I think that Joseph's role is often overlooked. It must have been a very difficult decision for him to make. I think that Joseph was obvisouly a great man, he believed Mary and supported her in what I think would have been an outwardly shameful situation. The judgements from the people around them would have been awful to deal with. As usual, Brandon can say anything and make it poetic and lovely. I think the compassion and thoughtfulness for Joseph in this song are great. Throw in Elton John and Neil Tennant, and how can you go wrong?
Well, ya just can't.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingers Pick of the Week...Ingrid Michaelson

I'm loving this song right now. It's the old 'If you love something set it free' saying put to music. I think we put up with a lot of crap in the name of love and it can be hurtful. So, sometimes walking away or cutting ties can be very freeing.

People become selfish in relationships. When they see that someone is willing to give and give with no thought for themselves, it becomes easy to take and give nothing in return. So stop giving and being left unfulfilled. Let them see what they'll be missing out on when you walk away. And the future...they'll come back. And if not, you deserve better anyway.

Ingrid Michaelson...Maybe...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Great Big Sled- The Killers

OK So I am a liar.

Big friggin' deal.

Get over it.

I promised to post this on Monday, but I was a little busy with you know,


I really love this song. I know that it's kinda shocking seeing how I despise the Killers. I mean, I hate them. A lot. Brandon can't even sing worth crap. Seriously. The other guys aren't talented either.


See- told ya I was a liar. You know my love is true. I can't live without my boys. I heart them to death. They are magnificent.

Here's some info about the song. It was recorded in mid-November 2006 with record producer Alan Moulder as the band's Christmas 2006 single. Moulder's wife Toni Halliday, the former lead vocalist of Curve, is featured on backing vocals.

The song was released December 5, 2006 as a download from iTunes. All of the proceeds went to AIDS charities as part of Bono's RED campaign. A music video was released for the single, containing candid clips of the band members participating in various holiday celebrations.

Here ya go!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't Shoot Me Santa- The Killers

As promised, it's Monday and I am here with a killer Christmas song.

One thing that peeps in real life know about me is that I think there is NOTHING
sexier than a beautiful man that can make me laugh. Well, except maybe 4 of them.

I'm not talking only outside beauty here, either. I'm not that shallow. I love my boys. TONS. I think that their humor is priceless and diabolical. And I love dark humor.

Also- Somebody told me that this is a favorite in our home. All the pretty faces like it. Every time it comes on they smile, (and they smile like they mean it, too). Forget about what I said earlier, I love this song down to my bones. Read my mind and you'll see that it's always on my list of favorites. The Starmaker was right, Mr. Brightside is a friend of mine. He would never leave me crying in the cold wet dirt after a midnight show.

Without further adieu, I leave you with one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where are you Christmas?

I am having an extremely difficult time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I've done all the usual stuff. Put out the decorations and tree, baked lots of fattening stuff, purchased an over abundance of Dove dark chocolate and peppermint bark candies, was nice to homeless people, put money in the jingle dudes kettle. You know...the normal stuff. But NOTHING. I'm Scrooge McDuck without the cool accent.

So, I got to thinking...What gives you joy Ginger? Not the fleeting kind that disappears when you get the credit card bill or step on the scale. But real, kick you in the crotch, joy. The answer was

Fortunately for you, this is a music blog, not a sex blog. So you get the second thing that came to mind. My top 5 all time favorite Christmas songs. And here they are...

#5 What's Christmas without John Denver...and alcohol. Not that my dad EVER passed out underneath our Christmas tree or anything. But you know, stuff happens. Especially around the holidays.

#4 This song makes me think of my Bumpa. He sounds EXACTLY like Jim Reeves when he sings. Also, this will help you take off a few of those holiday pounds. Put this bad boy on repeat for an hour and dance around the living room. Works every time.

#3 Ahhh...Best of both worlds. Sex and music all wrapped up in one beautiful man.

#2 I love love love this song. It makes me think of my momma. Who, by the way, is the coolest mom in the whole world. She rocks...Hard. One time we sat around and tried to name everyone by voice alone. She kicked all of our asses. She actually knew the name of the lead singer of Spandau Ballet. It's Tony Hadley, by the way.

#1 I don't care what you say this is the greatest Christmas song EVER. Poke fun if you want. I love it and I'm not ashamed.

She Won't Be Home

Keven | MySpace Video

Well, there they are. My top 5 favorite Christmas songs. I hope they give you as much joy as they do me. Happy Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gingers Pick With An Egregious Amount Of Profanity...

I'm just following in my much older BFF's footsteps. For those of you who are unawares Ms. Cleo will be the big 34 in 4 days. HOLLA!!!! I think she has been reflecting on her life after listening to her last post. Damn...Someone needs to take the woman out to a nice dinner or something. Get some new shoes. Maybe something from Brighton. Just sayin...

Not that this song has anything to do with Cleo or her birthday, except that it's almost as old as her, I just felt it could be pulled off after her song dropped the f bomb a bazillion times. So here it is...Dynamite Hack Boyz in the Hood.

Cleo's Pick o' the week

We all get discouraged sometimes, and quite often we need to know that we got peeps in the same boat ....

This one goes out to my girlies!

WARNING: There is a teeny tiny bit of profanity up in here. Ok, fine....there's a lot. If that offends you, I don't suggest you watch it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Guadalupe- The Killers

Here is the fourth annual Christmas song from my boyfriends. Thought ya might wanna take a listen. By the way- Every Monday until Christmas I will feature one of their songs. I'm always doing my part to spread a little Christmas Cheer!

We saw Mariachi El Bronx when they opened for The Killers. Pretty tough gig, if you ask me. The peeps weren't diggin' it.
The lead singer, full of beer and passion, said that it took "A lot of balls get up in front of you assholes and play Mariachi music." Amen brotha.

I kinda liked it. Their outfits were cool too.

So, one thing I love about my boys is that their Christmas songs are always unconventional, but they still grasp the meaning of the season.

What do y'all think about this one?


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