Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Marina and the Diamonds

I have not had anything worthwhile to say in some time. I think this young lady is deserving of your attention.

Her name is Marina Diamandis. She is of Welsh and Greek descent. She is 25 years old. She writes and produces her own music. These songs are from her debut album. On some of her songs that seems more evident than others. I like the music, her voice, her spunk and her intent. Her lyrics get a little.. muddled... sometimes. Like she started writing and ran out of words to rhyme. Just my opinion. I think that with some time she will be even better. Mrs Chops likes her. As does my eldest daughter. My wifes favorite band is Smashing Pumpkins and my daughters is The Jonas Brothers. Thats a pretty wide range of musical tastes that this young lady has managed to please.

Please tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing your opinion.

All in all, not bad for a first try.

Not bad at all.


Melody said...

I'm no expert on music but I liked it.

Melody said...

I just looked up the lyrics to "I am not a robot" and they are pretty good even when she can't be understood.

Cleopatra Jones said...

Me mikey. A lot.

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