Monday, March 30, 2009

Manly Music Monday

Last night I sat down to write todays Manly Music Monday and just couldnt get out of first gear. I had a couple of bands that I have been wanting to share with you guys and even had a couple funny (d'apres moi) stories to go along with them. But I just wasn't feeling it. I wrote a couple of opening paragraphs and deleted them and for the first time since I started blogging I was kinda dreading "haftin" to write todays post. Today at work I had even settled on just findin a couple of songs by "Spoon" and leaving it at that. But on the way home some gray clouds rolled in and started to fall down on me. And when I got closer to home the smell of a far away campfire came blowing in and this came up on my playlist.

And for some reason I was immediately taken back to 7th grade and my first trip by myself to the county fair. No specific memories came to mind at first, just the feeling of being an awkward teenager and shifting in and out of the groups of kids that made up my friends at the time. The excitement of being grown up and alone and at the same time finally starting to feel like you fit in somewhere other than your family and being accepted for who you were as a person. Scared that someone might notice you used some of you mom's concealer to hide that zit on your chin and thrilled that Mellisa from Biology noticed you and smiled while you waited in line for the Vominator. Ok, maybe a couple specific memories.... but you get the idea. Anywho.. Camera Obscura is not my favorite band in the world, but today they hit that perfect chord of melancholy joy and longing for a simpler more exciting time when everything was fresh and you could be whoever you wanted and the world was big and discoverable. 

So if you get a minute, and its not too cold where you live, walk outside, close you eyes and spend a few seconds remembering spring nights spent just sitting on the swings at the park with your first crush. And if you let go enough, maybe you can still remember what flavor her lip gloss was.....

Mmmmm... cherry.


Chops McGee said...

And Ginger, dont get mad at me for stealing your "This is how I'm feeling today" idea.. remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... or something like that.

Ginger Snaps said...

Why would I get mad. This is how I'm feeling is an outlet for everyone to express themselves. This was fun. So, it's like 5 degrees and snowing so Spring isn't working for me. But I did close my eyes and think of sitting on my Grandmas porch first thing in the morning. Fresh, crisp New England air mixed with freshly brewed coffee and my Bumpas stale cigarette smoke. It is probably my most favorite place on earth.

amberd. said...

Uh. It wasn't her idea. It was mine. She copied me. Dang. Can't get credit where credit is due yo! It started with Joshie. Shoooot. Whatev. Everyone should have an outlet for the kind of day they are having. And sure....songs provoke emotion in the sincerest of ways. I heart music.


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