Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's Throwback

This has to be one of the best bands ever. They are totally underrated and super to see in concert. Well, I almost died at their concert, but it wasn't their fault. In fact, I almost wasn't even allowed to go because when my mother asked who I was going to see I said "Live." She said I KNOW they're LIVE, that's why it's a concert... what is the name of the band? You're not going until you tell me. She finally got what i was saying and all was well with my world. I saw them perform at a little outdoor theatre. It was called Brown's Island, in VA. It was an island and it was the Saturday before Easter, 1993. Incidentally, the opening act was a little local band.. .they went by the name of their lead singer..... let me seee.... what WAS their name????

Oh yeah- The Dave Matthews Band. Maybe you've heard of them?

I was wearing sunglasses all day and I had a sunburn everywhere but my eyes.. My friend Amy and I were in the front row and Dave kept teasing me about my raccoon sunburn. He gave me about 500 stickers for my car. I was in love.

anyway- back to Live- they are a great band from a little town called York, PA. and I love them. My favorite album by them is Mental Jewelry- it was their debut album and it was great all the way through. Not one song I didn't love. I remember driving in the car on a summer evening with the windows down, the wind blowing my hair and Live blasting on my radio.

Those were the days...

Enjoy- I really think you'll like it.


Jeninator said...

My best friend Audrey and I were blown away by this album in high school.....I can't remember the name of the song but I loved these lyrics......"This is not a black and white world, to stay alive I say the colors must swirl"

Chops McGee said...

I never realized how incredibly serious ol' Eddie there takes himself. I mean, I still love their music, dont get me wrong... but jeez bro.. hows about a happy ballad every decade or so.

"Pain Lies on the Riverside"
"Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)"
"The Beauty of Gray"
"Brothers Unaware"
"Tired of "Me"
"Mirror Song"
"You Are the World"
"Good Pain"
"Mother Earth Is a Vicious Crowd"
"10,000 Years (Peace Is Now)"

That was their debut album. Number 2 had such jems as "Shitown" No wonder I liked them so much when I was a teenager. He had to be the one guy in America that I thought was more miserable than me. I should send him a link to our blog... I bet that pic of you 3 on the front page would make him laugh...

Ginger Snaps said...

Why would that make him laugh Chops, we look hot. He'd be jealous that he couldn't have a piece of that.

Cleopatra Jones said...

Jen the song you are talking about is called "The Beauty of Gray". It's a great one!


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