Sunday, March 1, 2009

Many Music Monday

Ladies and Gentlemen, I need to correct a grave injustice. I have given a lot of thought to todays selection and I had a couple of new bands I would have liked to introduce. But then I noticed someone was missing from our current library. I'm not sure how we have gone this long without giving the young lady her proper respect but the oversight is hereby officially corrected. Say hello and a give a big welcome to Leslie Feist.

I dont have a crush on Leslie. I dont even think shes that good looking. Not that shes bad looking. It's just that she seems more like a sister. Or maybe a first cousin. Either way, someone you've known for a long time but could never, ever have sexual feelings about.  She's someone I would call up if I really needed someone to talk to to about something important. I think she would give sound advice.

Her songs all leave me feeling warm and comforted after I listen to them. Not elated, not sad, just mellow and content. Like a warm cup of milk before you go to bed. It's not always the best thing to drink but in the right situation it's exactly what you were looking for. She made it big after Apple featured "1 2 4 3" on one of thier Ipod commercials a while back so I didn't bother reposting that one but instead you get a couple of my favorites I hope you haven't heard. Enjoy.


Cleopatra Jones said...

Chops is ready and waiting for me to say that I loathe this. with all my heart.

And, for the most part, I kinda do. BUT- I really like the tone of her voice.

This could fit nicely on my "Chill" playlist. For me to say that- well, that's a pretty big deal, right there.
Not something I want to hear ever day, it's wayyyyy too mellow for me. But on the occastional day that I feel a strong urge to slit my wrists- this'll do in a pinch.

Just kiddin...I don't hate it. But I'm not gonna rush out and buy it either.

Ginger Snaps said...

I love Feist. And just so you know I totally busted a move on the moving walkway in the Phoenix airport on my way to see you guys.

Did you know she does all her choreography in one take. So if you screw up to bad. That's why I love the video for 1234 so much. It's really impressive that there are no retakes.

Chops McGee said...

Ginger, I have no trouble imagining you gettin Feisty on the moving sidewalks at Sky Harbor!

And I love that about her videos. That says a lot about her attitude as an artist. She would rather do something spontaneous and fun, imperfections and all, than cut and paste and retake to get it perfect.

And Cleo, thank you. Thank you for being kind to Leslie and I. She's sensitive.


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