Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Manly Music or Manly Music.. Monday

So Cleo broke her computer (for like the 3rd time) and came over last night for me to save her music collection and put it on her new IPod. Which is why this is late, so blame her. Also, the argument we got into is why you get extra music today so I guess it's a toss up as to whether you get mad at her or not. I don't care either way. (did ya see that? Indifference, very manly.) Anywho, I was gonna do a post on Essex Green, one of my new favorites. They have been around since '99 but didn't really start to get any play till '06 after they released their third album, Cannibal Sea. They have kinda a throw back sound that's reminiscent of some of the folk stuff from the '60s and '70s. And I dig it.

(Editors note: the original video that I posted was removed by Youtube, this is a replacement.)

Unfortunately, that is the only song I could find that would allow embedding. But some dude named "Nemesiskx" has taken the time to put almost everything Essex Green has on done on YouTube. So go check it out.

And that was all I had planned for today. But then as Cleo was looking at all the great new music she had on her IPod last night (she got all of my music plus hers) she gets all whiny and was all "Andrew WK? What the hell is Andrew WK ?" Never mind the fact that I had just hooked her up with gobs of tunes where she previously had none, she had NEVER HEARD OF ANDREW WK! I mean, sure he's old news, and kinda comes off as sorta a douchebag in his videos, but his music R O C K S. Andrew is a classically trained pianist who was in more than 12 bands from 1993 to 2000. In 2001 he released "I Get Wet" which proceeded to blow. the. hell. up. Songs from it were featured on several movies, countless commercials, numerous video games. And yet somehow little Mrs Cleo remained ignorant of his existence. So I filled her in and played a couple tracks for her. And guess what, she liked it. AND she thought it was manly. If I recall correctly, she said "More manly than anything you've ever posted.".....

So I leave it to you to decide. Which is more manly, stomping around in a dirty old shirt with greasy hair or.. me?


Melody said...

Liked Essex Green. Would put that on My ipod.
Loathed Andrew W.K. Really, anything is more manly than that. YUCK. Sorry if I offended anyone with my Vehemence but that is how much this grossed me out and hurt my ears.

Cleopatra Jones said...

ok um.... I liked Andrew WK.

But really- the fact that I said that it was more manly than anything else you've ever posted really wasn't saying too much... up til now, your selections have been infinitely feminine.

And- showered and changed into an actual shirt with clean hair- the guys not too hard on the eyes either.

I'm just sayin'.

Cleopatra Jones said...

I liked Essex Green too...

Oh and PLEASE let me defend myself. I now have a play list entitled "Ladies" on my iPod. Seriously... I wasn't gonna say anything, but since I wasn't the one who brought it up- I figure it's safe... the "Ladies" playlist includes Anna Nalick, Norah Jones, (insert puke sounds here) etc.... you get the general idea.

I am grateful for the time you took to help me though. That's my Chopsie- ever giving to the ladies.

Aimers said...

Andrew W.K. was pretty awesome.

Ginger Snaps said...

It's because he has such a tender heart Cleo. That's right...I'm chiming in from vacation!!! It prolly ain't gonna happen again though.

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