Monday, July 27, 2009

This is how I'm feeling today...

We all have moments that we want to remember forever and even though we try to keep them close they fade. Then out of nowhere, you'll hear a song that will transport you right back to when they took place and bring them back as strong as if they weren't memories at all.

Some are great. Like being so overcome with happiness that you can't stop smiling. And when asked what you're smiling about the only thing you can say is, "nothing" because there aren't words to describe how you feel. Or the warmth of arms around you and breath on your neck; that makes you feel so safe you can't help but fall asleep no matter how hard you try to stay awake.

Others are painful. Having to smile while you say goodbye to someone then crumpling into a pathetic heap and sobbing for an hour because you don't know when you'll see them again. Or being so in love with someone, but knowing in your heart that they will never love you back.

Mostly, they are simple things. The smell of cologne, that even though you know it's not possible brings your head up anyway...just to be sure. The feel of the person you loves skin beneath your lips or a touch so gentle it gives you chills. A voice in your ear.

I love this song. It has nothing to do with my school girl like crush on Gary Lightbody, I assure you. It has everything to do with how someone can make you feel. Oftentimes without even knowing they are doing it. Sometimes without you even knowing they're doing it.

I'm not really sure what it is about us that makes us want to remember. Especially the painful things, but we do nonetheless. Sometimes I think it would be easier to forget,to be able to close down and walk away. But then I remember tickling and cheesy jokes and I can't help but smile. We're meant to remember. And feel. And love. And don't worry if those memories start to fade because then you'll hear a song...


Cleopatra Jones said...

I love it. This is prolly why we're bff's, but you always have the words for how I feel before I even know it. Plus it's good for me to hang with someone who's jacked like me. This is a great song! Way more manly than anything Chopsie woulda come up with

Jeninator said...

Snow Patrol just always seems to hit my emotional chords......I love this song.
I love how you put into words what I'm feeling but too scared to admit. xoxo

Ginger Snaps said...

I know what you mean. Now we will discuss my crush on Gary Lightbody. I love him. Granted he is in serious need of some orthodontics, but I'm willing to overlook it if he will sing me to sleep every night. Also, he has the most FANTASTIC brown eyes.

But I digress...I love that their songs aren't a bunch of cheesy rhyming couplets, but actually have meaning. And his voice...*sigh* I need to move to Ireland. I'm just sayin....

The Captain said...

Poetry Ginger! pure poetry...admit the teeth need work but snow patrol are g-roovy. fab post. x

Ginger Snaps said...

Thanks Captain!! Sometimes you're just feeling it...ya know?

amberd. said...

So...I loved it. Great post. Lot's of emotion. Thanks for sending me a link to my own blog! hahaha! Love your guts...AND this song! Gah. It's pure genious, pure love. It makes you feel. Damn it makes you feel.

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