Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's Throwback- Bring on the Dancing Horses- Echo & The Bunnymen

I thought it was time to resurrect this little tradition of ours. And I gotta tell ya... I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!

Every once in a while, a little ditty comes along that simply transcends time. To me, this is a perfect example to illustrate my point. This wonderful band has more than one great song... in fact, I pretty much like most of them.

Also- I love the name Ian. Lots of great guys are named Ian.

Trust me.

I know a lot of stuff.


The Captain said...

3 little words that mean so much:

pretty in pink

Chops McGee said...

No one makes big sweeping giant deep songs like 80s bands...

Jeninator said...

One of my favorite songs. Makes me happy whenever I hear it.


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