Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Chopsie Whopsie Poo...

We love you!!! Hope you have a great day.

Love, Ginger, Cleo and Amberd.


Cleopatra Jones said...

I think it's totally appropriate that Chopsies' favorite band of all time be featured on his birthday; but to choose his favorite song by his favorite band, well, that's just love right there. Nuthin but love.

I do have to warn you though Chopsalicious, Jordan is MINE. Period. Do whatever you want with Donnie... That ain't none of my business... But keep your grubby paws off J-Dawg.

Chops McGee said...


That was the sound of me throwing up in my mouth.

Just so's you know, I listened to the whole thing though. Cause thats real love.

Ginger Snaps said...

I think Jordans voice captures the pure essence of true love. Especially when he falsettos the you at the end and gets all nasally. Love wrapped in a mucous membrane, that's what I'm all about.

Hope you had a great day, Chops.

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