Sunday, January 31, 2010

This is how I'm feeling today...

I'm done with the depressing ass music I've been posting on here lately. I'm not a sad person. I'm happy and fun loving and crazy and energetic. And lots of other stuff that's way cooler than sad.

Here's my epiphany for the week. Life is what you make of it. Shit happens folks. A lot of it is out of our control, and the crappy decisions others make can directly affect how we feel about and see ourselves. Then we start questioning the very core of who we are. We become someone else. Someone who fits the mold. Someone that is acceptable. Changing to make someone else happy, will only cause yourself to be miserable. It goes against the very nature of who we are. There comes a time when you need to step outside yourself and say, "I'm not cool with this person. I want me back." Then take the actions you need to get there.

You can't please everyone, but what I've learned is this, the people who truly matter WILL accept you for who you are. No matter how "socially incorrect" you may be. Hold on to these people. They are the ones who will be there till the end. I have been blessed with some truly amazing friends in my life. Three in particular come to mind. Two are right here on this blog. Three may seem like a small number, but their capacity for love and greatness is astounding. I never feel the need for anything more.

We can't change the past. And even if we could, who's to say it would turn out any better. Make the most of what's right in front of you. Enjoy the people in your life. And be who you are. Which, in my case, is not sad. :)


Cleopatra Jones said...

Love it! And I love you! I'm glad you are deciding to be your happy self!!!! You are truly amazing and I am grateful for you. I can count myself among the most blessed because I have had the luxury of calling you my friend for the past almost 20 years.

Wow. I sound old and mushy and stuff.

I heart ur guts!

Ginger Snaps said...

Dude!!! I have PMS and you just made me cry again. Da hell.

I couldn't afford to keep coming to Texas for a happy infusion every couple of months so I figured I best get my act together and figure out what was wrong with me. It's amazing how losing focus of the important things for just a short time can have such a life altering impact.

I'm just glad I figured it out when I did. Thanks for always being there, and listening, and yelling, and not judging and loving me despite my tardness. I heart you too.

Cleopatra Jones said...

I need a Gingie infusion. Bad. When the kiddies go to Nana's... I can hardly wait...

P.S. If you weren't such a damn tard my life would not be nearly as interesting.

Ginger Snaps said...

LOL!! I am tardtastic. It's all good. I should have written that as one of the things that's way cooler than sad.

Or gingaliscious. But I didn't want to get crazy or anything.

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