Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cleo's Pick o' the week- Eminem & Rihanna- I Love the Way You Lie

What I love about Em is that he says what he thinks when he thinks it, and he doesn't give a DAMN.

He's real. He writes songs about things that are not always cool. I was surprised when I heard this because it's pretty raw. I was really surprised that Rihanna was singing with him when I heard all the lyrics. I think it hits a little close to home (no pun intended... I'm just awesome like that).

While most of us can't identify with everything in this song, I think there's enough meatiness that you get it. We've all felt out of control. Those who state that they haven't are either lying, or, have not been fortunate enough to feel emotion so incredibly deep that it can send you spinning outta control and turn you into someone you no longer recognize.

Love can make us crazy. It can make us feel the highest highs imaginable, and lows that you never dreamed you could succumb to.

Whether you love him or hate him, you gotta give him credit for being honest.

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