Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girly Music Monday

Let me be perfectly clear. I do not like this song. I wouldn't punch you in the throat if you played it at a party but I would glare at you over my drink and then go hang out on the porch till it ended and make a mental note never to let you control the radio if we get stuck in a car together. But Mrs Chops loves it. And I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure Ginger and Amberd are going to/do love it as well. I have no idea what Cleo is gonna say, I don't get that girl at all. But I owe them all so this is me repaying the debt. Please remember that this dude is WAY to sappy even for me. Heck, you could probably tap his leg next winter and distill maple syrup from the drippings. I mean, come on, look at the dude.

He's all, "Hello, I'm slightly self conscious and shy. You can tell cause I don't use hair care products and shave infrequently. Would you like to be my friend for several weeks while I gain your trust and demonstrate how non-threatening I am by listening to all your deepest secrets and never making a move till I get you drunk one weekend while we go camping and then take advantage of you? Yes? Of course you do. Your dadddy didnt love you enough, I could see that from 2 blocks away. Now hop on the back of my ten speed and we'll go get ice cream and roofies. Uh! I mean, root beer."

I'm not saying ole Matthew here has done that personally but I think we all know that's probably going to happen. On the other side, ya gotta give the dude props. He probably gets more tail than a lobster fisherman. His last album was called "Swallow the Sea" for petes sake. Real subtle dude.

Anywho, I kinda got off track there but I stand by my narrative. So ladies, enjoy!


Mrs. Chops McGee said...

What??????? Chops Mcgee loves this song. He is the one who was jumping up and down squealing for me to listen to it and know I finally like one of his songs and has to play the cool guy. He's softy but thats what makes him so cute.

Ginger Snaps said...

OH!!!!MY!!!!!GOSH!!!!! Debt for empire of the sun totally repaid. I am in love and downloading right now. ;~)

Ginger Snaps said...

And yeah...Cleos gonna hate it.

The Captain said...

*wondering* am i forgiven for confessing my keith urban thing? this dude is breathy mcbreezy. sounds like he should be on a grey's anatomy tvc.

Cleopatra Jones said...

this is horrible. seriously.

Captain- you're totally forgiven for the whole Keith Urban mishap.

This is like a country song in desperate need of some prozac. and a shot of vodka.

I wish he'd let his music "career" go. I'd love to know what feels like.

Looks like his sight isn't the only sense he's lacking.

I'm just sayin'.

Chops McGee said...

Well Captain, you are either a secret fan of homeslice here or in cahoots with the Grey's Anatomy production crew. Apparently Matthew's song "Where the Road meets the Sun" was featured on the/a season finale of the aforemetioned broadcast. So fess up, lover or collaborator?

Ginger Snaps said...

Did I mention that I love this? Cuz I doooooooooo!


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