Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson -The King of Pop, A Tribute

He will be sorely missed. I mean, I didn't really care for the dude that much, but his older stuff was good. Like the stuff he sang before he turned all beige and stuff.

Wow... I always kinda felt sorry for his baby mama, but I guess today is a good day for her bank account.

His plastic surgeon on the other hand.... that guys' kids are gonna have a tough life from now on. I mean seriously... public school? Shopping at WalMart? Ewwwwwwww!!!!!!!

He is survived by his children (who are, oddly enough, petrified of heights), 18 brothers and sisters (only one of them has the most unfortunate luck to share the genetics that made him beige) and his "nose". Oh yeah... and all his "special friends" who had sleep-overs with him at Neverland Ranch.

OK, OK.... gosh.... I'm just kiddin' (sorta)

He may have been totally Wacko, but he still made some pretty good music.


The Captain said...

all jokes aside, a legend. let's celebrate the good stuff! the music. thanks for that.

Matt said...

I'm gonna miss that crotch-grabbing, moonwalking, hair-on-fire, white gloved pedophile. He put some great music out over the years.


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