Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Manly Music Tuesday!!!

I'm a little worried about our boys. Chops is sporadic at best. And cdahle, well, I'm starting to think that something truly terrible has happened to him. If anyone in St. Charles Missouri reads this please go to his house and make sure Amberd didn't bury him in the backyard before she left on her trip. If she has, would someone please feed Elsie. That poor dog.

In their absence I am taking it upon myself to bring you Manly Music Tuesday. Which unfortunately may actually have more testosterone running through it than anything our sweet Chopsie has ever posted. He is such a tender soul. I am a firm believer that there is a special place in heaven set aside just for men like him.

Now, I'm just going to pick a few of my favorite songs from da boys...Give a shout out to "Mike D", "MCA", and "Ad-Rock"....HOLLAAAAAAAAA

And the brand spankin' new one...which is awesome...in case you were wondering.


Cleopatra Jones said...

I love me some Beasties. Good choice, girlie.

THIS is manly music.

Chops McGee said...

Did.. did you just call me a "tender soul"? WTF?!?! A tender soul? Thats like saying an ugly chick has a sweet spirit! I cant figure out if your trying to goad me into a response or ..... tender soul?!?


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