Saturday, January 2, 2010

This is how I really feel.... and I ain't crazy, yo.

There have been nasty accusations flying around here concerning my current mental state. While I readily admit that if ANYBODY knows crazy, it's Gingie-

Trust me boys and girlz, I am a whole lotta stuff, but cRaZY I aM nOt.
The first post was really for my bff, and she knows why.

I think that most of us go through a period of time where we wonder if we have made the right decisions and choices for our life. Even if deep down we know we made the right choices, and they have led us to happiness. We still might have the nagging thought every once in a while that questions where we might be right now had we chosen another path- would I be happy? What could have been? I didn't choose that road, so there's no way to know...

While I do not think that kind of thinking is terribly productive, I think it's more common than we realize. And since I am the QUEEN of saying what everyone else just thinks, I decided to talk about it. When I have these feelings, they are always tied to music. So just so ya know this is how I really feel.. The NKOTB crap was purely for Ginger's enjoyment. Although, I am not ashamed to admit that I was secretly engaged to Jordan Knight. Yeah, that relationship just didn't work out. His loss.

What I have come to realize is that you can always wonder, but you'll eventually go mad. I believe that things turn out the right way more often than not.

The tricky part is being content that things are the way they're supposed to be, and finding happiness on the path you're on, instead of
wondering where the other road traveled...

The name of this song is misleading, this song is about working to keep what you have worked so diligently to build.


Ginger Snaps said...

I'm going to listen to New Kids on the Block again.

Nice post love. I have no idea what you're talking about though. Dang. Why do you always have to be so cryptic.

Heart your guts.

Chops McGee said...

Not crazy? Did you even read your last post? Anyone who posts NKOTB, The Killers and Ra Ra Riot on the same page CLEARLY has some unresolved mental issues.

I'm not sayin its a bad thing, just sayin, why deny whatever works for you? So your Bi-Polar, its OK Cleo, we still like you.

This is an awesome song though.

So, so sad what happened to the boys from Basildon....

PS: I actually tried to listen to that song from New Kids. I didnt make it past the first "Ah, ah ah..." Just wanted to make sure you knew I tried.

Anonymous said...

Question of Lust was played at my wedding reception. Ah, fond memories. Love anything by DM, though.


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