Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm moving Thursday throwback to Tuesday

And I'm throwing it waaaayyyy back.

For Ambo..


amberd. said...

Thanks Ginger...I need me some good ol' 80's hair band mans to comfort me. It helped, a lot. Someone once told me that was the risk in loving in this life...being hurt. I concur. Whether it be loving your children, a romantic interest, parents, or a best friend, they all have the potential to hurt you, all because you care so deeply for them. Love hurts.

Ginger Snaps said...

I agree. When you are willing to pull your heart out of your chest and hand it over to someone else, you always take the risk that they won't handle it as gently as you would. It sucks. But sometimes, in return, they hand you theirs and I can't think of a greater compliment than that.

Chops McGee said...

See, heres where you both went wrong. Whatcha gotta do is run down to a butcher shop and get a pigs heart. They look EXACTLY like a human heart. Then, when you exchange hearts, after you get theirs, you can be all "Sucker! I gave you a pig heart and you gave me yours for real! Boo Yah!" That way you still get thier heart without all the mess of giving your real one away. Ya gotta think this stuff through ladies. Sheesh....

Mrs Chops is still pissed at me for that one though... Good times, good times..

Cleopatra Jones said...



(I secretly love this song)


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