Tuesday, May 5, 2009

amberds Picks.....Don't crap your pants.

Ah yeah baby. Ain't nothing like a little Air Supply in your life to make you happy. I remember being 15 years old and I would keep my radio on at night just so I could hear this song in my sleep. I would wake up when it came on and long for the day I could fall in love. (Yes, 15 year old girls are helpless romantics.) You get this weird feeling when you listen to this song in the dark, in the middle of the night. It hits you right in your gut. Yah, I can't really explain it either, but try it sometime.

Here's another one that always gets me in my gut. I can't really explain why, but it makes me love. This song is just dang good stuff. I will always and forever heart this song....(ya, I'm a bit wacky.) -Crap, I could only find a live version. LAME. But good enough.

Last one (And yes....I am a big fat cheater like Cleo.)

This song is just darn special. I call it my Tommy song. My best bud from high school, Tom Schofield, LOVED music -in fact, side note...he got me back into music obsessively two years ago when I found him through a google search. Cdahle will never forgive him of that. (That guy has probably sent me over 600 mp3's via Gmail over the last two years.) But Tom always had a new song right? So he brings over Nikki French's Total Eclipse of the Heart and I flip out! I loved it! We would play it everywhere we went in the car, turned up REALLY loud. So now...whenever I hear this song....I say, "aaah, my Tommy song is on." Also...anything by Anything Box reminds me of Tom too.

Do you know what reminds me of cdahle? Counting Crows. And Better than Ezra reminds me of Ginger. Of course The Killers remind me of Cleo (shocking I know) and Fischerspooner reminds me of Chops. That's cuz I gots lots of loves for my peeps...my fellow g-wiggety blogger folks.

Peace Out.


Ginger Snaps said...

The BEST faves of us all. I'm not just saying that to endear myself to you. Plus you know how I feel about Air Supply. I thought Layners was going to kick me in the throat through the telephone when I posted that song on Valentines Day. The fact that I can sing every word didn't help either.

Ginger Snaps said...

Want to know what reminds me of you? Eurythmics. And Debbie Gibson. And Joshie. And Blue October. Dang girl...I think of you a lot.

cdahle said...

Air Supply is a demonic creation meant only to enslave mankind. Growing up my musical tastes diverged widely from that of my parents and my older sister. I was never into "soft, easy listening."

Whenever we would go on long trips she would ask my parents to play her Air Supply Greatest Hits tape. And my parents would just let it play on auto reverse. Hour after hour after hour. "I'm lying alone with my head on the phone. . ." Bleghhh.

We were heading to my grandparents once and I went to get my Walkman, only to find the batteries dead and after a frantic search I realized we were out. I snunk into my sisters room, stole that pure evil on magnetic tape, and hid it behind the sofa. We were Air Supply free for a couple of years after that.

Chops McGee said...
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Chops McGee said...

Dang. That is a sweet, sweet White boy Fro. Also, I agree with Cdahle that Messieurs Russell and Hitchcock sold something very valuable to a very dark entity for their talents. Cause rock that smooth just aint natural. And is he wearing a peach cardigan or a bib in the video? Either way I'm confused.

As far as Nicki French goes. HELL NO. HELL. NO. Bonnie Tyler stands alone. She will always be a big haired 80's goddess for her version of that song.

One more thing. Did Jim Steinman pay you for this post?

Cleopatra Jones said...

Amberd. You just lost ALL yo street cred, homeslice.

I must agree with the guys on this one.

Air Supply was created and financed by satan himself.

amberd. said...

Love it. Shut the hell up. It gives me memories yo. I was 15 years old...don't rip that from me wiggas. Jack asses. Ya'll are just jack asses.

Cleopatra Jones said...

but we is yo jack asses... and that's what counts.

U ♥ us. a lot of times.

Cleopatra Jones said...

why ever do The Killers make you think of moi?

Wow. I'm flattered!

tom said...

Tom + Nikki French.

Yeah, I'll put that on my tombstone. It's exactly how I want to be remembered.

amberd. said...

BAHAHAHA! Oh yeah! Tom downright googled his ass right onto my Nikki French post. Shooooot. Can I marry you? Oh....dang, 12 years too late.

By the way....I'm posting Tatu just for you...check back later. And would anyone care if Tombo joined the music blog? SERIOUSLY. Actually, maybe I should ask him first. Tom's got good stuff for us folks...in fact -he brought Massive Attack into my life. *Sigh* Can you believe he is already taken? Dang.


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