Friday, May 29, 2009

In honor of Chops- Please forgive my absence. I'm gonna make it up to you though...presenting The Killers in their latest video "The World We Live In"

You know... you didn't have to be so mean to me, Chops.

I didn't happen to see a "Many Music Monday" this week. And yes, I know that MANLY is misspelled- I was paying homage to thee.

I happen to be quite a busy chickadee. I did take time out of my very busy schedule to post something that I know you'll love.

There is only one word that immediately comes to mind...... DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!

My boys did it again.


The Captain said...

i just saw this on the tv for the first time this morning. MAN brandon is looking fine. cheeky smiles, sequinned jackets and shoes, wandering in the snow. *sigh* mark continues to look like jesus, ronnie looks cold and dave? dave looks like he's ready for that space travel.

Chops McGee said...

Captain, what did we tell you about encouraging Cleo?

Although I must admit this is a jam. I shut it down after 21 seconds the first time. Cleo yelled at me. So I listend to it again. And gosh darn it if I didnt like it. My favorite part was at about 50 sec into it when Brandon is all "Look at me being cute and artistical singing through this convenient hole in the wall as I act coy and boyish." and then the the Jesus lookin dude is all "Dude, grow up a smidge would you? The rest of us have reps to maintain." He didnt say that mind you, but it was pretty obvious thats what he was thinkin.

I do like this song quite a bit though. Dont tell Cleo though, she tends to let that sort of thing go to her head.

Ginger Snaps said...

I saw this vid about 2 weeks ago and love it. More the song than the video though.

The Captain said...

Oh Chops - how you made me LOL. The bass playing jesus-dude hath spoken! "Dude, grow up a smidge would you? The rest of us have reps to maintain."


Matt said...

Is it legal on this blog to say anything bad about the killers? Cause I have to say, this one didn't do it for me. I love most of their other music but...I couldn't get into this one. Maybe I just need to try harder.

The Captain said...

matt, i agree it isn't an obvious choice for single, which may explain why they released it in the UK where everybody from Her Maj down is Killer-Krazee. But I do dig the clip! :-)

Ginger Snaps said...

Dude!!! I still hold your concert ticket in my hands. Don't be triflin' or you'll get a kick in the throat. Cleo will be there too, so you may get a double kick.

Cleopatra Jones said...


Ima kick you in yo throat. Twice.

It was released in the UK because, frankly they have better taste in music.

There. I said it.


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