Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gingers pick of the week......M83

Yeah....I'm a shoegazer; I'm not ashamed. And you shouldn't be either. This is dang good stuff right here. M83 has blown through a few members over the last few years leaving Anthony Gonzalez as the only staple. Morgan Kibby who does all the female vocals, and keys and arrangements on Saturdays= Youth, doesn't even get mentioned in the bands bio. Very sad to me because she's awesome. And she got to sing with Brandon Flowers so I'm a little envious.

Graveyard Girl

I know it isn't the effect they are hoping for, but their music actually makes me happy. Whenever I hear Kim and Jessie I want to bust out the old 80's movies I love so much, and have a sleepover with my friends. Maybe walk to the sev and get a Yoo Hoo. But most definitely, head down to the roller rink. "Okay, Let's go ahead and pair up. It's time for couples skate. Couples only." Then they blare Unchained Melody over the really crappy sound system. Ahhhh...good times...good times.

Also...I need to give a shout out to my Austin girls cuz I love them and I always think of them when I hear M83 now. And WhatABurger.


Cleopatra Jones said...

Um yeah. Morgan Kibby totally needs more recognition. She's awesome.

There's nothing quite like great friends and cold Whataburger at 1:00 am.... Those is some good times right there.

The Captain said...

i like that song! it's very breezy synthy fun stuff. like it coulda been on the soundtrack of my fave 80's movie - pretty in pink. thank you.

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