Monday, May 4, 2009

Manly Music Monday

I am a hard man. Gruff, brusque, boorish, dour, all synonyms for Chops McGee. However, I have a soft spot the size of the Taiga Forest for adorable. I am powerless before it. I think thetas why God made my progeny so friggin cute. So's I wouldn't kill them. I'm not sayin that's the only reason they're still alive but its pretty helpful. So the other day whilst perusing the interwebs I stumbled upon this young lady. 

Now that song by itself is pretty cute. Not baby seal cute mind you but definitely newborn kitten. Which is pretty cute. And I sorta liked the song.. sorta. It was catchy and all but.. I dont know. Nothin special. But further googling led to this.

You have to be patient with this video. And while your waiting for it to get interesting I'ma fill ya in. She playing a Tenorion. Which is like the mutant offspring of a tablet PC, a synthesizer and a Lite Brite. She composed and played all the music on the video on the thing. But that's the side story. The best part is how heartbreakingly adorable she is. Peeking out from behind her hair... Being all techno geeky... And the way she bites her lip around 2:34 into it. Sweet Russet Potatoes...... Sigh.. Oh yeah, I also have a thing for mouths. 

So Anywho.. at 16 she was a contestant on Britain's "Pop Idol" and lost in the third round but went on to moderate success with a Jazz group, a Big Band ensemble and then with a dance group called "Dead Disco". And here's what I respect the most about her. This is her response to critics who said she was too shallow and commercial.

"So what? Ive always said from the start that I wanted to make a pop record. I don’t care about being cool or edgy. I wanna reach people and I wanna make music that people have fun to and have a good time"

Gotta love her. Also, she's cute as hell, let's not forget that. Cause it's important. 


amberd. said...

She is a cutie....but better than that - I LOVE Hot Chip. I own a few of their songs. It's pretty funky shiz. I think the song is acutally called "Ready for the fall."

amberd. said...

Wow...that chick is good at multitasking....almost as good as me. Dang.

Ginger Snaps said...'re funny. And cute as hell, lets not forget. I do like me some little boots though.

Ginger Snaps said...

If Cdahle were dead. He would be rolling in his grave because of this "manly" post.

amberd. said...

haha! I was about to say the same thing about cdahle! lol! He aint dead and I think he is STILL turning over! hahahhaa! Cracks me up to no end. Funny stuff though. That's the stuff Chops is made of....funny.

Chops McGee said...

Hot Chip is pretty sweet. The song is "Ready for the Floor". The time I posted Fischerspooner I came this close to doing Hot Chip. I think you need to do it for me Amberd. And "funky" does not even begin to describe them. Ok, thats inaccurate. It does begin, but it does a poor job of it.

Also, did anyone else notice I just got a "cute as hell" and a "funny" in the same day? This is totally going in my happy day journal.

Cleopatra Jones said...

Please do not encourage da Chops.

Little Boots is kinda cool though.

amberd. said...

Sorry Chops...I actually MEANT to say "Ready for the Floor" I just got side track and read the damn mistitle of that youtube video you posted. I own "Ready for the Floor" dawg...good times.

I will post it for you...let me think of something creative to go along with it though...give me a few days. Lovs and hugs...muah!

cdahle said...

Chops, I just don't get it. I'm not saying that I expect you to be into metalcore or anything, but you actually choose to listen to this.

Your wife isn't forcing this on you. And yet you are choosing to do this to yourself, and in a public forum no less.

I give you that she is cute, but could you post a picture and spare us the rest. She's like Denise Richards -- better seen than heard. (See her recent outing slaughtering "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at a Cubs game.)

Chops McGee said...

What can I say Cdahle, I love the ladies. And this one makes me smile. She also stirs up some baser emotions in me but Mrs Chops moniters my postings so we better not get too deep into that pool.

Anywho, I will never disavow my affections, no matter how untoward they may be. And I still like her voice.

Also, did ya see the part where she bit her lip? Yikes.


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