Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gingers Pick of the Week....Mandalay

I've had one of those months, or three, where you spend a lot of time listening to depressing music alone in the dark. It's very relaxing, although probably not one of my healthiest past times. As I was pondering one of my latest conundrums my station so kindly played this song for me. It struck right to the core of what I was thinking about. How much time do we spend talking a problem to death and getting no where? When do you finally say, "I'm done", cut your losses and walk away? Turning your back on everything you know.

"Is it all lost and gone? Could you give me some room? Room to be. Room to heal." Is it really possible to heal and find happiness again? Or are we just setting ourselves up for more disappointment?

People have a way of working their way into your life and heart. When you least expect it and whether you want them there or not. They get through the fortifications without you even realizing it. I think we all want to love and be loved. It's just hard to stand buck ass naked, as Ams so gracefully put it, in front of someone and say, "This is what you get. Is it going to be enough?"


Cleopatra Jones said...

Wow, Gingie. You need to come visit me. You are more than enough. Anyone who can't see that is blind and completely stupid. But if you everstand in front of me buck ass naked I will kick you in the throat. Twice. That is simply not anything I need to see.

Ginger Snaps said...

Bahahaha!!! Okay, I promise. I can't promise that I won't spill salsa in your bed though. Just sayin...

Chops McGee said...

That is some sad ass music Ginger... No wonder your down in the dumps. You need to turn that crap off and crank out some Titus Andronicus, or hell, even a little Sesame Street would be better than that. That stuff would depress Big Bird.

Also, I second you coming for another visit. We can never get enough of ya. Plus, you know how well Ginger goes with pumpkin pie.

Mmmmmmmmm.... pumpkin pie......

Ginger Snaps said...

I only listen to that at night. I'm okay during the day.

You know what goes better with pumpkin pie than ginger? Whipped cream.

Mmmm....whipped cream.

amberd. said...

For my Gingie cuz she's playin' some sad ass songs in the dark. I handed at least one male his scrotum sack with should probably live on forever. I love you.

"I think men play the same game (if that's what we choose to label it.) Only they're more stubborn (or even prideful) and they drive us away and shut us out to make themselves believe they have no walls. Sometimes they feel unworthy of our love, and being a strong male with lots of testosterone....they believe they can't be vulnerable. To be vulnerable is to stand bare in front of another human being. How many of us are willing to stand buck ass naked in front of someone and reveal who you truly are under all those clothes? Under the prettyness of your nice jeans, shirt and spiked hair -scrutinizing every tiny detail of your imperfect body? It makes most of us sick, so sick we can't pull ourselves out of bed somedays. Some days we can't eat or sleep because our vulnerability is on the line. We cry. Eventually, we stand up, build our four walls, and head back out into the world to wound the next gal or guy. Is that a game? Perhaps it is, perhaps its just called life. It's called learning, its called growth. Next time, drop one of your walls...just one, and then the next time two walls until they are all down. You'll find health in that. You'll find beauty in that.

"There are predictable stages of growth, and when we go through them we are left feeling exposed and vulnerable. In the past many of us shut down the process of growing, for we did not wish to possess our feelings at the time. How lonely and bored we became while trying to remain IN CONTROL. Understand your need for growth. You will then be able to understand that feeling exposed and vulnerable is part of a healthy healing process. You can embrace your growth periods with gratitude more quickly. As you are open, you become more of what you are capable of being."

Each growth process you encounter and meet HEAD ON gives you the gifts of FREEDOM, SPONTINAEITY and ALIVENESS. I think that pretty much sums up passion. And if I'm certain of one thing.....that's one thing so many of us desire in our lives.

Just sayin'......."

Ginger Snaps said...

You did hand him back his smoothly waxed scrotum. I think scrotum sack is redundant, but I could be wrong. I don't find much use for that particular part of the male genitalia.

Anyway...he totally deserved it.

Ginger Snaps said...

Also, I just want to say that the first song is sad. The second is very hopeful. It's some good shiz. I don't care who you are.

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