Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Friggin' Awesome Trip to Texas...Documented

I can't document it all cuz some things are better left unsaid. Mainly because I don't want to get Cleo in trouble. Anyway... for my birthday my peeps bought me tickets to see my boyfriend in concert. He was AMAZING. I love him. He sang just to me on many occasions. And I totally scored a set sheet that he sweated on. Also, because of Chops' mad skills with a gps and google maps we got there early enough that I could have run my fingers through his sweaty belly hair had I wanted to be pummeled by security. I didn't, cuz my hair looked fabulous, so I kept my hands to myself. I have a thing for chest hair. I can't help it. I think it's sexy. But anyway....

Ahhh yeah...That's Gary. Isn't he pretty? Even Cleo had to admit that the boy was HOT after seeing him perform. It just takes his hotness to a whole new level. Chops couldn't handle it, he had to go and sit in the lobby.

Cleo and I weren't very smart and forgot to eat before the concert. But Chops, being exceptionally sweet for a creepy Irish bartender, totally hooked us up with some tacos at the Jack in Box in the ghetto of Houston. We even got a special invite to the Pimps and Prostitute ball. Where bitch slappin' is not allowed unless yo ho be reckless eyeballin' some playa. Then you might have to represent. Said so on the invitation. But back to Gary...

About a week after the concert they released a new single which is fabulous. But I may be a little biased. I love it. Very dancy and bouncy and happy. But still has Gary's amazing lyrics. Even Cleo could find no fault when I sent it to her. That's saying something.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell Cleo and Chops how much I love them and how much fun I had. You guys are the best!!!

Oh, and Chops is the one with the chops in the pictures.


Chops McGee said...

That was some good time...

We were kinda disappointed that you didn't come back for the ball though. Eliza won the costume contest for "Skankiest Ho". I took 2nd runner up for "Strongest Pimp Hand".

Also, you still owe me for the tacos. A check will be fine.

Cleopatra Jones said...

Too bad I already have rockstar boyfriend. Not sure I could handle two...although you know I am lovin that new grill Gary is sporting.

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