Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gingers Pick of the week....Unkle Bob

Okay...don't give me crap about my sad ass music. This is good stuff. Just read what this dude said...And don't give me crap about being to lazy to write my own blog post. I haven't slept much this weekend. I'm tired.

They’ve only sold 10,000 albums; they’ve only had 100,000 songs downloaded; their sublime Swans tune has only featured once in the climax to a Greys Anatomy storyline (thus inspiring hundreds of college kids to make their own Swans Youtube videos) - but they are still Unkle Bob and they are still one of the most gorgeous, uplifting, lonely and revealing bands on the planet. They self-released their debut album, Sugar and Spite, back in October 2006 to huge critical acclaim (yes, that old chestnut) and are now set to release Satellite/Bad Dream through iTunes and Amazon on April 6th 2009. Both songs are a gritty foretaste of the band’s second album, due for release early next year. In amongst the manufactured pop drivel, the excitable indier-than-thou new Smiths-elects and the R & B soundalikes you too may have had the good fortune to have stumbled upon something quite special. Phill Savidge

There you go. Unkle Bob. Waaayyy better than your Unkle Bob who gets drunk at family parties and tries to feel you up.

Wait...Is that just me too?


Cleopatra Jones said...

Yeah, I pretty much love this. Great pick Gingie! And your uncle Bob is a wee bit scary.

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Ginger Snaps said...

Da Hell!? How can you feel the smell of real money? Moron!!

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