Friday, May 28, 2010

How I'm Feelin'.... Cleo style

There are a few things going on that are out of my control that have been making me kinda sad.

I haven't even really pinpointed the right song yet... but there are a few that have resonated with me lately. The first one I hesitate to add simply because it's on the radio quite a bit, but I love it. So, I'm gonna do what I want and play it anyway. The second one, I just like. It helps me to remember that I am cool.

God gave me style and gave me grace.
God put a smile upon my face.

He put one on yours too....


Chops McGee said...

I just listened to the Pink song for the 5th time Cleo. Now I like it.

Ginger Snaps said...

I love Glitter in the Air. I listened to that on repeat for about a week straight at one point in my life.'s Coldplay. Musically sound, as usual. Nothing to write home about.

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