Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Who's Madonna?" A tale of crappy parenting.

My heart has been broken and I fear that I shall never be healed fully. Please don't get me wrong. Madonna is not my very favorite artist. I don't really even care for her new stuff to be perfectly honest.

But she's friggin' MADONNA.

There is a certain respect that most girls my age have for her. She's a pop icon. I still remember the year Santa brought me a boom box and the "Like a Virgin" tape. BTW- I also got Wham! "Make it Big". Apparently I was a very nice girl that year.

I fear that I have somehow let my children down. My 10 year old (remember asparagus girl?)came to me yesterday and asked me who Madonna was. I stared at her like she walked up to me and started speaking Latin (which would have actually surprised me less- this is one smart cookie we're talking about here). I thought she was making a joke concerning my age.

She wasn't.

"Mom, I know her name, but I just don't know who is actually is." I still continued to stare in disbelief. Kindly, she placed her hand on my arm and gently said that she would probably like Madonna, she just wasn't sure. After a few moments I got my wits about me and told her that Madonna was a very influential music artist; and while I do not think she believes in a lot of the things we believe in, she is very talented. Please keep in mind that this trauma comes on the heels of a conversation in which my 13 year old saw a current picture of Morrissey and asked "Who's the old dude?" (I am not ashamed. I did indeed weep a bit) Now, in all fairness, she knew him after I said his name because she has a lot of his stuff on her iPod. When she got the iPod, the rule was that if she was going listen to Miley and Hillary, then I was also going to put some good music on there for her. And I must say, musically she is quite well rounded.

I will cut myself a little slack because another time my sweet daughter came to me and told me that the song "Why Do I Keep Counting?" by The Killers helped her through a situation at school. So I guess I don't totally suck as a mom, I felt a little taste of redemption.

Apparently, this lack of knowledge and horrible parenting is not singular to my household. Gingie shared with me an instance where her 8 yr old asked who Nirvana was. Gignie's response was " OH HELLLLLLLL NO!" and they had to sit and listen to the entire discography after dinner.

So, my good friends, I leave you with a small selection of songs that says to me...

"This is Madonna."

Please enjoy.

I could go on like this for a while longer, but you get the general idea.


Ginger Snaps said...

We aren't bad parents. We are just well...getting more advanced. Did you know that they actually play Motley Crue on the "Classic Rock" station here. What happened to the good old days, Cleo? When did we become classic rock people?

Here is my theory...We are great parents. Kids now a days are just, well, stupider than we were. They have been born into a time or pre fab, disney channel stars and are brain washed into believing that these people are talented. There's only so much we, as simple parents, can do against such media moguls as Walt Disney and Mr. Nickelodeon. Keep fighting the good fight. Tell them they can't sleep until they fully appreciate the angst that Kurt Cobain embodies. I guarandamntee you no one will ever ask who Nirvana is in this household again.

Also, No Crazy For You? Serious lameage on your part. That is all.

Cleopatra Jones said...


I was gonaa add Crazy for You and True Blue, but I thought it might be overkill.

No lameage here, homie. This songs kick ass.

Fo Shizzzzz.

Katy Kathryn said...

Oh this is a very fun tribute. I am proud to say I know Madonna, as in, I used to dance around the house in my silk nighty to her songs and pretend that I was a pop star! I loved her old movies, and was thrilled to see Like a Virgin covered in Moulin Rouge. I'm sad for your children but expect that they will be educated, and soon!

Katy Kathryn said...

I have thought of a few more thoughts. First, I remember driving to California listening to her best of CD and so it always reminds me of being with family, road trips, and Cali. Also, Madonna is great cause she can just reinvent herself. And she does so, frequently! I wish I could reinvent myself... And last thought, I LOVED her in Evita!

Ginger Snaps said...

Also, I didn't make her listen to the entire discography, because well, she's 8 and some of it is inappropriate. But I did make sure she knew all the words and could properly head bang to Smells Like Teen Spirit. Over played, but classic.

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