Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After a surprisingly long time digging in the trash, BTW- my manicure is sooooo not cute right now....I thought I'd go with something a little retro... I know you'll remember this one.

Oh yeah, baby.

You know you want some.

P.S. B Flow had better watch out- Ashley Angel is pretty fly.


Katy Kathryn said...

Oh, this takes me all the way back to my high school years... back when I was in love with these kind of boys, the pretty ones with the amazing hair in the wind... I can really relate to this post. I will have you know that I had dibs on Ashley back in the day cause he is not just pretty fly, he's super fly. Thanks for the tribute on this trashy tuesday.

Chops McGee said...

I have never heard this song before in my life. Now that I have I am poorer for it.

Ginger Snaps said...

Who the hell is O town?

Ginger Snaps said...

Holy nasal singing bat man...Sorry. I'm commenting while I listen. Which one is Ashley Angel. That's a cool name for a Victoria Secret model.

Ahhh...to be 14 again. I'm having visions of Jordan Knight right now.

Oh look, theres the grungy one. We called him Donnie Wahlberg in our day.

And theres a black one. How diverse of them. Sweet wife beater.

And rockin' crowd track. How is it possible that I've never heard of these guys. They're amazing.

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