Thursday, May 20, 2010

All because of an email delay....

So, something weird happened to me today. I was playing around on my phone and an email came in from a post that Chops had done in April of last year. I know, it's a serious delay issue. But as I was reading it I recognized it as one of his old posts and I got to thinking about Chopsy and the person that he is. Here is what he wrote...

"Yesterday I was having a great day. We went for a walk with the whole family. It was warm but there was a cool breeze blowing. The kiddos all picked wildflowers and chased frogs and turtles in the bayou. We got back and I went to get something from the Harry Potter closet and bumped my head. As I was reeling Scooter came and started telling me something. I yelled her to "Shut up and go away!". She left crying.

The other day I was playing with Mo. I was tickling him and he was laughing that free careless open mouth all in laugh that only little kids seem to really have. We played cars too and he was having such a good time. Then I told him it was time for bed and he threw a HUGE tantrum. He was screaming and screaming and I spanked his mouth. He stopped screaming and just looked at me like I was a monster.

Am I a terrible Dad for yelling at my kids and making them cry? Probably. Am I a great dad for taking long walks with them and playing cars for hours? I hope so. Which one is the one I "really" am? Am I really a big meanie that does some nice things to look good? Or am I really a good person with some (serious) flaws?"

The truth is Chops is a really good person. He is caring and loving and hard working. He's also tender and sweet and funny as hell. He loves his family. Adores those little squirts and Mrs. McGee. And he's an amazing and loyal friend. He has the best stories and can make you laugh without even trying. Although I sometimes get disgusted by how much the man can pack away, it makes me laugh when he sends me a text to tell me what he had for lunch. He also has a strange love for bologna which makes me want to vomit as well. But I like being called a gem so I'll let it slide.

I knew we were destined to be friends forever the first time I met him. He was standing in the doorway to Cleos office and said..."Well, it was nice to meet you. I have to go home and pinch a loaf." I'll never forget that moment. Unfortunately.

Here are a few songs that will always remind me of Chops.

Love ya forever Chops.


Cleopatra said...

awwww.... that was sweet. Chopsie is a great dad and a great friend.
He always makes me laugh.
And if I know him... he's crying like a little girl right now.

And Gingie- you are a gem.

Cleopatra said...

and also- my guest bathroom is way too cute to be desecrated. He really did need to go home.

that is all.

Cleopatra said...

plus- I heart Chopsie. I am so grateful he's my neighbor.

fo rizzzle

Chops McGee said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot. Y'all made me cry like a little girl at work.

Ginger Snaps said...

I told you he was tender. MUAH!!

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