Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death to my Hometown - Logh

I can hardly wait, until I fall asleep

Tomorrow I'll throw away, everything I keep

The days I tried to cage, had already escaped

The months I tried to save, were wasted anyway

Death to your concern

Death to my return

Death to my hometown

Death to your regret

Death to my respect

Death to my hometown

I can hardly wait, until I wake again

Tomorrow when you wake........I'll be on my way

I think I love this song so much because it's about saying goodbye to the past. (Something I struggle a great deal with.) There are just somethings in life you can never return or go back your hometown. It never feels the same does it? No matter how much you crave for it to be the same....the past is never the same when you try and return to it. I pass through my hometown often, look around, and feel the emptyness. All the people have moved on. There are new buildings in empty lots where we played, or hung out after school. Death to my's simply not the same anymore.

I personally find it difficult to let go. I am a collector of momentos and people, to remind me of all the good experiences I've had in life. I have a difficult time letting go. So I gather people and relationships up and put them in glass cabinets and dust them and shine them and keep them looking pretty. But relationships don't always stay the same. They just don't. Life moves forward. People change. They dissapoint you, or impress you. You can gain valuable insights into this life through people. But they can't all fit into that glass cabinet. You have to edit, and keep the really important ones there to dust and shine.

Bonds will form, mistakes will be made. Sometimes we find a home in those relationships we form such intimate connections with. No one likes to leave home. Death to your concern, death to my return, death to your regreat, death to my respect.

.....Death to my hometown.

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Cleopatra Jones said...

I love this.
I so agree with this song.

You can try to recapture the past- but it never happens.
It's not authentic.
I think it's healthy to move on and I wonder why we do try so hard to cling to the past. I think it's because we want to recreate feelings and situations, but it never works.
The trick we need to figure out is how to get what we need from the here and now.


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