Friday, January 23, 2009

Get on Your Boots!!

I know what you're thinking...Ride em Cowboy....Right? Wrong! Its U2's new single. It was released for download on the 15th, not sure if they are playing it in the US yet. The new album is No Line on the Horizon, its due out next month.
And i just got to say...for old dudes....they still got it. I was pleasantly surprised by this track. Hope you like it.


Cleopatra Jones said...

yeah. so I actually really prefer vintage U2; with the exception of "In a Little While" ---I LOVE LOVE LOVE that freaking song.---

I am thinking this one ain't too shabby though.

Hey Ginger- how old ARE they????

Ginger Snaps said...

Well, If you must know, Bono is 48 years old. He will be 49 on May 10th. He is exactly one year and one day older than my mom. They should totally have a combined birthday party. We wouldn't even have to book a band. U2 was formed before we were even born (1976). So, that makes them BUTT old, in simple terms.

Ginger Snaps said...

Don't tell my mom I said that. She still thinks she's young.

amberd. said...

hmmmm, I'm not sure on this one yet. Maybe I'll have to give it a couple of listens. There is a lot of static in the background music. It's annoying me a bit really.


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