Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Womanizer - All American Rejects

Beer bottle percussion, hairy, shirtless men sporting overalls, and the acoustic melding of sixties classics with the garbage of today deserves notice in any right. Top that with an existential discussion of the political ramifications surrounding promiscuous human relationships amongst the leaders of tomorrow and you have an intellectual brew that will challenge your perceptions and stake claim to thousands of hours of mental rigor in order to plumb the depths of the meaning contained in this four minute ditty. (That and they say "woo" a lot, but not quite in the anticipated Ric Flair way. Rather, AAR has found a way to use "woo" to establish street cred and genuine Alpha male bonifides.)

Guest Blogger -cdahle


Ginger Snaps said...

Wow. Cdahle use smart words. I must admit though, I can't resist me some superfluous wooing. And I have to agree, they do it WAAAYYYY better than Britney, and with clothing. Imagine that.

Ginger Snaps said...

Oh, one more thing, I'm totally willing to make you the one king of hotness if you're interested.

Cleopatra Jones said...

I'm totally freakin' speechless.

LOL I LOVE LOVE LOVE the accordian.

I am thinking this kingdom might need a king.


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