Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday is Trash Day

We put the garbage on the side of the road on Tuesday here. Feel free to rifle through and take what you want.

I just have to say that if any of you actually paid money for this, well frankly, you're a dumb ass. You are doing nothing for the American public but perpetuating the cycle of fabricated, generic, crappy music that Hollywood is pushing on us in bulk these days. I should apologize for being rude, but I can't. Sometimes the truth needs to be said OUT LOUD for people to accept it.
We are not a society of idiots. We can handle a little depth. I need to go back to my post about Snow Patrol that I made when we started this blog. Lyrical genius...but you have to actually listen to the words to get the message. We have become so complacent that if something has a catchy chorus and beat we deem it "a good song", even if it totally sucks (like the one shown above).
I don't have a problem with Britney, she has her place in the grand scheme of things... somewhere. I have a problem with those who try to tell me she can sing. So please don't send me any links to "Leave Britney Alone". I'm smart enough to not buy her albums on my own. And she is a "fantastic" mother after all.
It is time for us to put our foot down people. The rest of the world is totally schooling us in music. No more garbage. Let the true artists shine. Give them the props they deserve, and stop settling for well....trash.


Cleopatra Jones said...

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

"Boy don't try to front. I-I know just-just what you are-are-are."

Man that's deep. She is totally selling opps.... I meant sharing her soul here.

amberd. said...

Leave Britney Alone!!!!

I hate this song...but I LOVE Britney's shallowness. It allows me to have those mind numbing moments where I run down the road to the song....Get Naked by Britney and completely fantasize that I am ripping my clothes off in front of people. She allows me that outlet. She's good for something here. Leave Britney alone! Seriously, she sells sex and she sells it good. Get naked, get naked...take it off, take it off. "If I get on top, you're gonna lose your mind."

Chops McGee said...

You remember that commercial from the late 70's where the Indian is standing beside the road and the dude throws trash at his feet and the camera zooms in as a lone tear falls from his eye? No?


Now you do. Anywho, thats how I feel everytime I see Brittney. Shes like a KOA campground, looks good in the brochure but smells like a Port-a-Potty when you get too close. (I was gonna use "Its nice for a party in the afternoon but it's no where you'd wanna spend the night" But this is a family show.) You gotta wonder what Daddy to did to little Brittney to make her say "Gee guys, thats a great idea!" When they pitch the video where she spends half the time wearing nothin but oil. Her kids will be so proud if they grow up. She obviously has some serious talent but for petes sake put some clothes on every now and then, girl. I guess when you parents start whoring you out to Disney when you are 8 its tough to say "No" when you get older. I'm sure Michael Eisner was not a kindly pimp. Poor girl never had a chance.....


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