Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gingers Pick of the Week...Ingrid Michaelson

I'm loving this song right now. It's the old 'If you love something set it free' saying put to music. I think we put up with a lot of crap in the name of love and it can be hurtful. So, sometimes walking away or cutting ties can be very freeing.

People become selfish in relationships. When they see that someone is willing to give and give with no thought for themselves, it becomes easy to take and give nothing in return. So stop giving and being left unfulfilled. Let them see what they'll be missing out on when you walk away. And the future...they'll come back. And if not, you deserve better anyway.

Ingrid Michaelson...Maybe...


Doc said...

Nice one!

Cleopatra Jones said...


Me thinks my sweet girl is growing up.

I heart ur guts.


Ginger Snaps said...

I know, right? I'm a big girl now, Cleo. It sucks ass...but it is what it is.

Chops McGee said...

I dont think growing up sucks that bad Ginger.. you get SOME perks..

I love this song bunches and bunches. Ingrid is the epitome of womanly strength. Shes not bitter, not angry, not even really that upset. Shes just sayin "Your not good for me right now, so I'm gonna head out. I'll miss you, sure. But, oh well.... Holler at me when your ready to grow up too." Heck, I think it's a pretty happy song.

Plus she got a purty mouth, so.. I like anything she sings.

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