Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where are you Christmas?

I am having an extremely difficult time getting into the holiday spirit this year. I've done all the usual stuff. Put out the decorations and tree, baked lots of fattening stuff, purchased an over abundance of Dove dark chocolate and peppermint bark candies, was nice to homeless people, put money in the jingle dudes kettle. You know...the normal stuff. But NOTHING. I'm Scrooge McDuck without the cool accent.

So, I got to thinking...What gives you joy Ginger? Not the fleeting kind that disappears when you get the credit card bill or step on the scale. But real, kick you in the crotch, joy. The answer was

Fortunately for you, this is a music blog, not a sex blog. So you get the second thing that came to mind. My top 5 all time favorite Christmas songs. And here they are...

#5 What's Christmas without John Denver...and alcohol. Not that my dad EVER passed out underneath our Christmas tree or anything. But you know, stuff happens. Especially around the holidays.

#4 This song makes me think of my Bumpa. He sounds EXACTLY like Jim Reeves when he sings. Also, this will help you take off a few of those holiday pounds. Put this bad boy on repeat for an hour and dance around the living room. Works every time.

#3 Ahhh...Best of both worlds. Sex and music all wrapped up in one beautiful man.

#2 I love love love this song. It makes me think of my momma. Who, by the way, is the coolest mom in the whole world. She rocks...Hard. One time we sat around and tried to name everyone by voice alone. She kicked all of our asses. She actually knew the name of the lead singer of Spandau Ballet. It's Tony Hadley, by the way.

#1 I don't care what you say this is the greatest Christmas song EVER. Poke fun if you want. I love it and I'm not ashamed.

She Won't Be Home

Keven | MySpace Video

Well, there they are. My top 5 favorite Christmas songs. I hope they give you as much joy as they do me. Happy Christmas.


Doc said...

One of my faves is The Waitresses "Christmas wrapping" song myself...

Ginger Snaps said...

I like that one too. I should have done a top 10 instead of 5. And...I may get kicked in the face for saying this but I actually like the Spice Girls cover of that. It's dancy. And it's all about the dance around here.

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