Thursday, December 31, 2009

Manly Music (or) Songs Cleo Will Most Likely Hate

I'm done! I got through it! Whoo hooooooooo!!\

Every year the guys in my office rotate which Holiday we get to take off. One year half of us get Christmas off, the other half get Thanksgiving. That way no one is stuck at the office with an unreasonable burden. Except this year. THIS year, they decided..

"You know what, Chops is a pretty smart guy. I bet he could handle it if we all left him here by himself."

"I totally agree, I dont even think we need to bother asking him. I bet if we just all plan on taking the time off, he'll be fine as long as we tell him at the last minute."

"It's agreed then, Chops will handle everything while we all leave for Colorado!"

"Hey Chops! Your on your own this year! Dont call and ask for help, we'll be on the slopes!"

So I've been a little stressed out lately. But now I'm done. Everyone is coming back on Monday and the office is closed tomorrow. But it has been a harrowing week or two. During the week, after everyone had left for the day and I was alone in the office I started to break out my Blackberry and put on Pandora for the last couple of hours of data entry to help me relax. And she did not fail me. The following are a couple of my favorites that have popped up in the last couple of days that really helped keep me from plucking all my eyelashes out in frustration at the sheer volume of work I had to do.

So Cleo, hate all you want. When I needed it, these guys came through. I know, I know.... Its sleepy, and slow. But when all three lines on your phone are busy, you have hundreds of unanswered emails and you dont know what task to try and tackle next, it helps to have something to unwind to.


Cleopatra Jones said...

Dude, why is it always assumed I am gonna hate your music?

Oh yeah, cuz most of it sucks, I forgot...

This selection, however, did not suck. And no, I will not repeat that.

I didn't really care for that version of Sweet Child O' Mine, but ya had to know that was comin'. Chopsie loves loves loves him some Sweet Child O' Mine. Pair it with a breathy female vocalist and some sleepy music and he loves it even more.

I'm sorry you've had a rough go of it lately. Lucky for you you've got us. I will kick JB in the throat next time I see him. He should have known better than to stress out my Chopsie like that.

All in all, I kinda liked it. It makes me nervous that I said it aloud, but whatev.

Ginger Snaps said...

Chopsie...If I had known I would have left my family, flown to Texas and helped you work. I'm sorry you were stressed.

Loved West Coast. That is a great song. Wasn't so keen on Taken by Trees. Heard that a few months back and was hoping for more from it, but alas, it did not come. However, you should listen to her remake of My girls by Animal Collective. Really good. Her version is called my boys. But I'm old school and Sweet Child O Mine just has to have a rockin Slash guitar solo for it to be cool to me.

Anyway... I love you and hope you have a much better New Year.

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