Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Great Big Sled- The Killers

OK So I am a liar.

Big friggin' deal.

Get over it.

I promised to post this on Monday, but I was a little busy with you know,


I really love this song. I know that it's kinda shocking seeing how I despise the Killers. I mean, I hate them. A lot. Brandon can't even sing worth crap. Seriously. The other guys aren't talented either.


See- told ya I was a liar. You know my love is true. I can't live without my boys. I heart them to death. They are magnificent.

Here's some info about the song. It was recorded in mid-November 2006 with record producer Alan Moulder as the band's Christmas 2006 single. Moulder's wife Toni Halliday, the former lead vocalist of Curve, is featured on backing vocals.

The song was released December 5, 2006 as a download from iTunes. All of the proceeds went to AIDS charities as part of Bono's RED campaign. A music video was released for the single, containing candid clips of the band members participating in various holiday celebrations.

Here ya go!


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