Monday, February 9, 2009

And this one is going out to......

So I had the immense pleasure this past week to meet the one and only Chops McGee. He is not only hilariously funny, but SMOKIN HAWT!!! I have a weakness for men who shave their heads and have mutton chops. I know you're all right there with me, just make sure you don't tell his wife. Also, when a man can announce that he has to poop in a room full of chics and feel no shame, well that's just damn classy!!!

Anyway...I wanted to dedicate this song to our very own Chops McGee.

You are truly a Shooting Star!!!


amberd. said...

Please tell me you did NOT just announce chops McGee was hot? Oh dear...I'm at a damn loss for words. I think this definitely beats me publicly proclaiming my love for condoms and the ease of clean up they just happen to provide.

As for Chops being a shooting star...which kind are we talking here? And where exactly IS his shooting star?

By the way....your song is dumb. I had to shut it off midway. What the hell are you thinking posting Bad Company? Does this have anything to do with Chops being IN bad company now that he is actually a part of our blog action?

It's symbolic perhaps. Maybe that's what you were trying to do with this song. -Chops McGee's shooting star is in some Bad Company. armpits stink something fierce and I need to brush my damn teeth.

This ones going out to the ones I love...."Nah Nah Nah Nah....Don't you know you are a Shoot-ting star?" Ah HELLLL NO!

Cleopatra Jones said...

I need to say that the hawtness thing is only felt by Ginger.
I have and will continue to go on record stating that those HIDEOUS and repulsive "chops" are entirely too dirty old man/sherlock holmes for me...and not the cool sherlock, either.
I got 2 words for you, McGee-

And you DARE insult Steven Patrick Morrissey and those rhythmically challenged poor little white kids in Omaha... you should be ASHAMED of your mutton-y damn self.

I will KILL you!!!!
"It's like a massage, only you kill people...."

Ginger Snaps said...

Ya'll is some mean ass bitches!!! I was trying to buoy the man up and you just tear him right down. Don't you be trash talking bad company either. Paul Rogers Rocks!!!!

So, I may have overstated the hotness. He may only be at a light boil, not a full rolling boil, but the funny makes up for it.

And Amberd, your armpits aren't the only thing that be stinking. I slept in a bed with you twice. You need to buy stock in massengill. I'm not going to say anymore about it.

Did you notice that chops is listed under the three queens of hotness. I'm going to change it to the four queens.

amberd. said...

You damn straight I got me some mean ass smelly crotch action right now. That thing been hauled up under the covers for 3 days straight. I be sick yo. I'm thinking after smelling myself that I'm gonna drag my self to the dang shower yo.

I don't know why you be railing on my smelly a** got your own damn bob marley action issues. Shoot...if my Gyno mentioned my hairy beastie crotch, I'd hit Albertsons for a 12 piecer myself.

And Layne...I happen to be madly in love with chop's chops. For real now....don't be hatin' on the chops. I'm married to a guy with chops.

Seriously...the shower be callin' my name yo. I'm outtie.

Stacy said...


amberd. said...

Chops mentioned to me that if he is gonna be part of our blog...we must create some boundaries. *giggle* NO MORE CROTCH talk! PLEASE!


Chops McGee said...

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. We all need to take a step back, a deep breath and remember, there is enough Chops McGee for everyone. No sense fighting over me this early in the game. We can work out some sort of schedule later. I am, however, honored and excited to be invited to participate in what is destined to be the greatest blog of all time.

As far as boundries go, I'm sure once the intial excitement of having me around tapers off we will all start acting like grownups again.

And for the record, "Shooting Star" ROCKS. Hard. And thoroughly. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

And Ginger, thank you. I will settle for a light boil any day.

Ginger Snaps said...

Word!!! We'll always have Paul Rogers!!! Also, you need to know before you take on this responsibility that there is no grown up talk going on here. All crazy talk. No more, and considerably less.

Mrs. Chops McGee said...

I think my husband is a full rolling boil AND a bag of chips.


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