Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

Do you remember the movie 'Real Genius" with Val Kilmer from 1985? Well, I just finished watching it on "Movies that didn't Suck" on G4, and this song played at the end. I forgot how much I loved this song. It's just so great. It makes me think of summer time for some reason. And I could use a little warmth since it's Valentine's Day and not only is it friggin' snowing outside, but I am feeling no love at home. I am missing Chops right now.

Lets put our hands together for Curt Smith. If Roland Orzabal wasn't such a diva, he would have let him sing a long time before this. Thank Heavens he finally did. Just kidding Roland, we love you!!!

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Chops McGee said...

Ahh.. the 80's. When androgyny was not only accepted but celebrated. Is that a man in the pink buttoned up polo? Or a sexy lady with curly hair and a pony tail? Neither! It's Curt Smith! Poor Curt. I think its the bangs that confused me the most Ya gotta wonder if Roland set him up.

"You really think chicks will dig this haircut, Roland? Seems kinda.. I dont know.. girly."

"Are you kidding Curt! If there is one thing the ladies DONT like, it's being able to determine your gender with a quick glance. They want a little mystery."

"Well OK.. if you say so. But do I have to button my shirt up all the way like this too?"

"What are you a slut? You wanna everyone to see your cleavage?"

And that ladies and gentlemen is the seed of their eventual break up. He does cut a dashing figure as a pre-pubescent girl though.

That really is an outstanding song. Despite the sexual confusion.

Watch the whole thing through and I will give you 5 American dollars if you don't laugh.


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