Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Skeleton Boy Play

We need to give some props here to Friendly Fires because, for reasons unknown, they are getting none. Get out and shake your boo-tay to this one. "I close my eyes on the dance floor, and forget about you." That's what I'm talking right there. A little escape from the mundane day to day we all have to endure. Sometimes it's fun to forget about all the little things you have to deal with and just be you.

Anyway...Here's some Friendly Fires for your listening enjoyment.


Chops McGee said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that, Ginger. Thanks. I've never heard of these guys but they are a lot of fun.

Ok, I just Googled 'em and found "Paris" I've heard that one somewhere before. Wasn't it the soundtrack for a commercial a while back? I like how the drums and back keyboard almost have a dance or techno feel to them but the vocals and front are all pop.

You also get a star for today. Well done.

(although I'm still grumpy you didn't like Katie Todd. I think you need to listen to it again.)

Cleopatra Jones said...

yeah it was ok. A little disco-y for moi.

I am difficult to please today, no?

Chops McGee said...

I don't think I was effusive enough the first time around Ginger, I have been going back through some of the older post and this song just straight up kicks ass. ..... I'm listening to this again.


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