Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moz iz back

It's true, boys and girlies!

The one and only Morrissey has a new album out today titled "Years of Refuge". It's been 3 years since we've heard from him and it was worth the wait.
I have heard it and I'm here to tell you- if you like Morrissey, you'll like this.
His voice has grown a bit richer with age and his lyrics are just as great as they always were.

"I’m doing very well
I can blackout the present and the past now
I know by now you think I should have straightened myself out
Thank you, drop dead."

You don't get a whole lot more Morrissey than that.

Yes, Ginger he does have the same hair that he's had for 25 years, but he wears it well. My motto: if it ain't broke, baby....

Here's a taste...


amberd. said...

hmmm, not sold yet. I think I may need to check out some other songs and maybe listen to this one a few times. Maybe it was the fact that he is an old fart now. Maybe if I hear the song without seeing him. Yeah, I'll try that. Death to young Morrissey....so sad.

Ginger Snaps said...

He reminds me of Robin Williams in this video for some reason. I like the album because I have listened to it a ton, but I can see why the vid would throw you off. If he's getting older, does that mean we are too? Impossible.


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