Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Artist Worthy of Feature Status: Matt and Kim

We have an informer here on SFTSS. And Cleo, if you even think lickey boom boom down, I will kick you in the throat; repeatedly. He will remain incognito , like the driver on Top Gear, to keep up the mystique. But, every now and then, he gives us tips on artists that are worthy of our super hip blog.

Now, these guys have been around for a while but I don't think they have gotten much recognition. They have a very indie, almost unproduced sound, which I find very cool. Matt also sounds British, but alas, he's from Brooklyn. Close enough I guess. So here's a little taste of Matt and Kim:

This next video got some play in the UK, but was said to be to violent for the US. I say "NONSENSE!!!" who likes violence more than Americans. So enjoy this one too.....or don't... whatever, It's up to you, I could care less what you do with your time.

We hope this helps you Matt and Kim. You need to get some cash flow so you can record your videos somewhere other than your kitchen.


Cleopatra Jones said...

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

ohhh... I love this!

Very indie indeed...

Ginger Snaps said...

Thank you for not making me have to kick you in the throat. You know my leg is hurting me.


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