Sunday, February 15, 2009

To all the mini wigs....

There has been some complaint that we aren't a totally biased music site because we haven't posted any hip-hop!!! Firstly, I just need to say get the hell over yourselves. It's our site we can do what we want. Secondly, it's friggin' hard to find edited versions of hip-hop music, and it's not our fault that they have limited vocabulary.

So, to get the public off our backs I am posting the whitest non white rapper in HISTORY!! That's right Mr. Will Smith a.k.a The Fresh Prince.

I'm sending this one out to all our peeps. Nathan, Lilly, Biz, Maddi, Sydney, Libby, Lincoln, Ashley, Liz, Ian and the miniest mini wig of them all Lil' Liv!!! Word to ya Mutha!!!

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