Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm just doing what I'm told

"All of us has one....You know one of those songs that it just doesn't matter how many times you hear it, it just never ever gets old."

If you had asked this a couple weeks ago I would have put some OMD and CCR on here but since we've been there and done that I'll throw this down. Both of these are from my two favorite groups of all time. Back when music was everything to me. I saved up $600 dollars as an freshman in High School to buy a Sony 6 disc stereo and then plunked down another $200 for more speakers for my room and that was hella mad money back in the day for a poor white kid with 7 brothers and sisters. Heck, I woulda passed on just about anything to just sit in my room and listen to music. And had these two bad boys on Shuffle/Repeat. I actually wanted to put something from "Crackers International", an Erasure EP, but I couldn't find anything on the net from that album so you have to settle for my second..

Y'all know my mixed feelings about Depeche Mode but when I was 15 my loyalty was unwavering. And I still think "Speak & Spell", "A Broken Frame" and "Construction Time Again" are three of the greatest albums of all time.

If you get bored, google
"Green Shirt" Elvis Costello
"How to be Dumb" Elvis Costello


Ginger Snaps said...

Jason and I still have Crackers International on a cassette tape. Yeah...we're old school but whatever.

Ginger Snaps said...

I published to soon. Jason is a master pirateer. I'm just sayin...haven't been able to find that album anywhere, so if you do let us know. We have to bust that cassette tape out, search for an old tape deck and listen to She Won't Be Home, every Christmas. It's a tradition.

Cleopatra Jones said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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