Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too Goood to DENY It.....No Big Deal, it's Innocent.

So I get WAY super depressed sometimes. Up down, Up down. I'm starting to wonder if I'm Bipolar and I'm NOT even being snarky here. Seriously.....CAN I JUST BE STABLE? This is horrendous. Whatev.....I can't change the circumstances surrounding my serious instability I get way super down...then I get way super up. And usually -it comes in the form of a super way awesome pep talk. I talk to myself way down in my soul and then it hits, -A song pops into my life to back up my pep talk and I can march on another week or two (until I totally wear the song out and fall back into my mass depression.) I think the relation between music and my moods must be linked somehow to endorphins. Because after all - I find a way happy cool song that I love and spend all day, every day dancing to it on repeat. I can't even freaking help it. Whatev........dancing is my life yo.

So what I'm loving the most is the screamo that takes place in the middle of this punked out version of "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It." Seriously...TELL me this is not a [dang] good song. Go ahead.....I dare you. You'll be dancing around YOUR freaking kitchen in point two seconds to this bad boy. And when you do....come shower me with love baby. I know....I so totally can't help that I've got great taste in music. The end.

I Kissed A Girl (cover) -Attack Attack


Chops McGee said...

I like it better than the orginal. Way better. Also, I like kissing girls too, so theres that. Well.. one girl.

Ginger Snaps said...

I'm sorry you're so down girl. That sucks. I hope everything works out.

Jeninator said...

whah? I thought I already left a comment. I like this version way better. The girls in my house were moving to it.


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