Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marty Casey and the Snark Girls

First off, I gotta hand it to the ladies over at who have been vigilant in standing up for their man, and for hunting down my obscure post on our obscure little blog. I'm gonna move my comments from my previous post over here to stand out a little more. Cause it was some fine writin and that's how I roll.

Ok, Anonymous, you have given me leave to unleash my feelings about Marty. 

I lived France for a couple of years and my favorite thing to eat was "Pain o'chocolate" Its basically a croissant with dark chocolate melted inside. It was F A N T A S T I C. I ate it every chance I got. When I finally got back to the states I went and found a place that made it. I bought a bunch and took it to a friends house and we all ate it. And I was completely disappointed. All my friends said it was good but it wasn't. It wasn't like I remembered. It wasn't bad.. it just wasn't spectacular. And the memory WAS spectacular. I tried and tried to find someplace that made it the same and never succeeded.

When Marty was on RockStar he had an urgency and power that stunned me. I was glad he lost cause I didn't want him to get saddled with the deflating balloon that was INXS. And I waited excitedly for him to release his first single. And then it came out. And it wasn't the same. It was good, mind you. But it wasn't spectacular. And my memory of him was. So I continue to wait. I have heard all songs on his website. And I like them. But I would never buy his album. I don't know what he is doing different. Maybe its just he doesn't record well. I would go see him live in a heartbeat. And there is still a special place in my heart for the dude. I just wish whatever was stirring in him during that stupid reality show would wake back up.

The folks over at SnarkGirls seem to think its stupid to try and compare live performances and recording. What? I understand forums and comment boards tend to bring out the worst in folks, but that's what we do here... we compare music. Different artist, venues, genres, styles.. all of it. I LOVE some artists live that I cant stand recorded and vice versa. I've gone to see Depeche Mode live several times and been disappointed every time. Ask Cleo, I wont shut up about it. And Mary is just the opposite, I was flabbergasted by his talent every time saw him on RockStar and have so far really been disappointed by all of his studio work. 
Also, apparently to "true" Marty fans, liking Trees is akin to heresy. Who knew? That song still gives me chills every time I hear it. You may hate it but does that make me stupid for liking it? Anywho.. I'm glad somewhere out there Marty still has some real fans. The dude has talent and I'm happy he is still alive and making music. 

Tell me which one you like better...

And this is for Ginger, cause she asked nicely.


The Captain said...

i know not of your marty casey...but i do know of your pain o chocolate! when i was in paris i ate crepes de banan...banana and chocolate crepes. every day. and i was happy. if marty casey makes you as happy - then i salute you. and him. (and one day we'll talk about inxs....)

Ginger Snaps said...

Did you get hate mail dude?

Cleopatra Jones said...

I like Sleeper better.

I will be flogged- but I am not impressed with his live perfpormances. I am a believer that artists should sound just as good liove than on a recording.

Chops is always going on about Depeche Mode sucking live. I maintain that it was solely due to Dave's "problem" that peaked in the early 1990's (which is when Chopsie saw them) While I have never had the pleaseure of seeing them live and in person- I have seen just about every performance and they are not bad.

Chops is a hater. This is a well established fact. Just look at what he did to those poor Snark Girls.
But I digress...
I have seen lots of bands in concert- some of them were great in studio, but totally crappy live. I will tel lyou that some of my favs live were Dave Matthews Band (I had the pleasure of seing them live while they were still an unsigned local band) Live was great. And it will come to no surprise to anyone that my favorite band live is also my favorite band. period. The charisma that Brandon Flowers exudes is unmatched in my opinion. The Killers are the most unlikely rockstars. They're just regular guys that are grateful people pay money to see them play their music. Humility will take you far, good friends.
So- having said all that - I maintain that I love "Trees". I do- I can't help it. It's catchy. Marty Casey is not my fave live performer- but I'm open to his other stuff if the Snark Girls want to enlighten me. In fact- I welcome it.

Cleopatra Jones said...

When I said Live was great- I should have clarified that I meant the band Live- they were really good. Ohhhhh And how could I forget Ra Ra Riot???? They were awesome live and it wasn't even that great of a venue- accoustically I mean. It was fun as hell. They are also gracious and kind. Well- except for when I freaked Milo out by offering to hold his drink so he could sign my shirt...he had no idea how nice I am and I think he thought I was some weird stalker chick.
Poor Milo....

Ginger Snaps said...

Hmmm...Cleo a stalker. Who knew? Well, I can think of one person and his name rhymes with Landon Powers.

And I like Baby One More Time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Ginger Snaps said...

Okay...I like Wish You Were Here better. Sleeper is a good song and I like the music, but the passion just isn't there. As a performer, I understand that there is nothing quite like being on a stage under the lights, so maybe that is where the difference is coming from. Sleeper is very reminiscent of Radioheads album The Bends for me.

Cleopatra Jones said...

I am not a stalker.
U b a hater too.

Landon Powers is one of my fav performers. I heart him. And his friends.

I didn't feel the emotion in "Whish You Were There".

Hey Marty- way to ruin guyliner, dude. Thanks, man.

Chops McGee said...

Cleo, I thought we voted on calling in Manliner? Capital M..

Also, the ladies over at linked a couple of vids Marty posted to his FB page.

Not the best production work but you get a sense of how good he could be live. I would love to go see him but hes not coming anywhere close to H-Town any time soon.... too bad. Maybe we coulda found Cleo a new boyfriend so poor Brandon can finally come out of the protection program he's been forced into..

Jen said...

I just wanted to point something out real quick. Sleeper and 9/10 songs on their last album were written and recorded prior to RS:INXS. So while I can totally understand not liking it as much as his show performances, it doesn't seem fair to say that he's gone downhill.

That being said, I've never been a "Sleeper" fan and I don't really care for "Wish You Were Here"(even the Pink Floyd version), so my answer would be neither. I do know that making a Creed song sound good was quite an accomplishment.

Personally, the best sounding band that I have heard "live" is Pearl Jam.

After reading the comments here, what I really want to know is why would you want to change the awesomeness that is guyliner to Manliner?


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