Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some times life does things to you that will hurt you and confuse you......

My friend Quelly passed this onto me today. Uuugghh. I'm in love with this song. The more I listen, the more I love it. I wish I could have found the song without the movie clip because it taints your view of the song and how you personally interpret the lyrics.....but it's all I could find that wasn't a live version. Dang good stuff right here. Thanks Raquel.

Back Where You Belong - Sinead O'Connor


Chops McGee said...

Very nice Amberd. You were right about the video though. I watched it a couple times and had to give it a big ole "Meh". But just now I listened to it without the video and it was very comforting. Sinead has a great mellow sweet voice.

amberd. said...

I had to listen without the video too. It's bizzarro. But I have fallen in love with this song, and I find it comforting as well.


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