Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ode To Ozzy

So basically, I love Ozzy. I think he is one bad ass s.o.b, who totally rocks. Who else could bite the heads off of bats and not get rabies? NO ONE!!! Rabies is scared as HELL of Ozzy. I totally remember my dad listening to Ozzy when I was little and him and my mom were clam baking me in the back of the black Volkswagon Beetle. How can I remember it if I was getting baked you wonder. Well, ahem *cough* *snort*....(that's me getting ready to do my very best Tommy Chong impersonation.) "It totally opens the mind man. It makes you clear about.......stuff and stuff."

My next step in my Ozzy evolution was this little gem. It showed us that he has a sensitive side to go along with his psychotic exterior. I was in the 7th grade, and frankly, I wanted to be Lita. I loved her ripped up jeans and her fantastic 80's hair. Plus, she rocked the guitar and that just made her so much cooler.

And now we have come full circle. As teenagers, Cleo and I had the opportunity to become friends with a couple of strapping young lads who insisted that this was the theme song for the work they were doing in the Richmond Virginia area.
Now, you have all seen Cleo and I as adults so try to imagine if you can the hotness we exuded as teenagers. I know, you can't. It would blow your mind. It was to hard for these young men to resist. They wanted us to "wait" for them and we were like," HELL NO!!! There is to much fun to be had. We ain't waiting for no one." The rest is history. But that is exactly how it went down. If you don't believe me ask Cleo, she'll totally back me up. I wonder what ever happened to those guys. Oh well, who cares.

Sort of makes me sad that now he's a crazy old man.

SHARON!!! Get me a burrito!!!!


Cleopatra Jones said...


wow.... every word she said is the truth. If you don't believe me just ask her. She'll tell ya.

I am on a crazy train as we speak.

Jeninator said...

Yay Ginger! You're back! I missed you. I heart you. Sorry- I don't know how to make the heart or I would.

Ginger Snaps said...

Thanks Jen!!! The out pouring of love and grief I received because of my hiatus was so overwhelming I just had to come back.

Plus, who would have given Ozzy his due if not me.

amberd. said...


Chops McGee said...

Wait.. wait, which one was Lita Ford and which one was Ozzy? The 80's were such a confusing time,

I really hope the hot one was Lita...


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